In their effort to help Small businesses grow BOCCIM has partnered with International Labour Organization to train SMMEs to improve their way of doing business.

The training program Productivity Raising through enhanced Working Conditions for Employees of Small Medium sized Sustainable Enterprises (PROWESS) was lauched this week in Gaborone.

It will be done under seven modules, Productivity and performance, Quality, work place improvement, getting organized, occupational health and safety, managing and developing people and marketing.

Speaking at the press briefing Lenni George said running small business is not only about cash flow.

She said it is important to look at issues affecting their sustainability and they did thorough investigations to find their challenges and coming up with ways of helping SMMEs to be successful.

“Survival rates for small businesses is declining, they face challenges so it is important to come up with a solution as we all know the wealth and employment of a nation come from SMME’s. They contribute to the growth of the economy that is why International training centre and ILO decided to train SMME’s owners so that they can be more productive and sustainable,” said George.

ILO Regional Manager Rose Anang said in developing countries about 80% of employment is created by small businesses.

She said as ILO they believe these businesses should be productive and decent and realize their potential.

“ILO has invested heavily in this PROWESS tool as we believe it will help the business to grow hence contributing to the growth of country’s economy. The launch start here and Botswana is leading the way in support of sustaining small business which will be rolled across the world,” said Anang.

In her remarks about the benefit of this partnership BOCCIM Chief Executive Officer Maria Machailo-Ellis said their organization does not have the capacity to train its members hence brought ILO on board.

She believe the programme will help their members to grow and be competitive in business

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