Botswana Bureau of Standards last week held a seminar in Francistown and Selibe Phikwe to mark World Metrology Day under the theme ‘Chemicals Measurements for Our Life, our Future.’
In his welcome remarks Francistown City Clerk Kutlwano Matenge said metrology is an essential but hidden aspect of modern society hence the vital contribution of measurements in this field was being recognized.
Speaking at the seminar, BOBS trade metrology manager Ditlhake Dominic Tau said the event was celebrated world-wide on May 20 marking the day which the metre convention treaty was signed by 16 countries on May 1875.

He said measurement and standard is critical in ensuring fairness in trade because without measurement there is no control.
“Measurements are part of our daily lives and wrong or inaccurate measurement can result in losses, disagreement between trading partners and it can also cause harm to people and environment. This year is declared an international year of chemistry being 100th anniversary of the Noble prize by Marie Sklodowska Curie recognizing her discovery of the elements radium and polonium.

We were supposed to conduct awareness presentation to senior schools with a view of enhancing grass root level building capacity by engaging young people with scientific discipline, unfortunately due to on going strike schools are closed,” said Tau

He said the school presentations were going to fit well with national goals of ‘An educated and informed nation’ and ‘A prosperous, productive and innovative nation.’

Tau said people need accurate measurements to make informed decisions on climate change, food and health safety.

He revealed that BOBS has established testing and metrology laboratories to assist all stakeholders on issues pertaining to chemical measurements. Several presentations were conducted by Edward Mukudu from Tati Nickel mine and Oampata Phetlhe from BCL to illustrate how measurement plays a role in different areas.

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