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Boatle interchange opens to traffic

Boatle interchange opens to traffic
OPEN FOR TRAFFIC: Boatle interchange

The much awaited Boatle Interchange is almost complete and, according to Roads Department, will be partially open to traffic today (Monday 27th May 2019).

According to a statement released by the department last week, road users are expected to follow signage and speed limits as stipulated in order for traffic to flow with ease and for the avoidance of road accidents and carnage.

Traffic is expected to move on the interchange as follows:-

  1. SOUTHBOUND A1 TRAFFIC (Gaborone to Lobatse): At Boatle interchange the traffic going to Ramotswa, Mmankgodi and Lobatse, from Gaborone will be using the East sliplane only. The traffic going to Mmankgodi will then turn RIGHT at the four- way stop on the interchange to take the overhead bridge to Mmankgodi.
  2. NORTHBOUND A1 TRAFFIC (Lobatse to Gaborone): At Boatle interchange, traffic going to Gaborone, Ramotswa & Mmankgodi will off-ramp LEFT onto west sliplane and traffic proceeding to Ramotswa, will the turn RIGHT at four-way stop and take the overhead bridge to Ramotswa.
  3. FROM RAMOTSWA: Traffic from Ramotswa to Gaborone will drive over the bridge and turn RIGHT at the far end four-way stop to join traffic from Lobatse on the west sliplane.
  4. FROM MMANKGODI: Those from Mmankgodi traveling to Ramotswa and Lobatse will go straignt over the overhead bridge and go straight to Ramotswa or turn RIGHT at the four-way stop east sliplane to Lobatse.

Those going to Gaborone will turn LEFT onto west sliplane.

The access road from the rank to the filling station at Boatle will be accessible for traffic from coming from Mmankgodi, Ramotswa, and Gaborone while traffic from Lobatse will easily access the filling station from the A1 road.

This traffic diversion will be actioned today (Monday 27, May 2019).

Within a week thereafter, the whole interchange shall fully open including the A1 throughfare.

Construction of the Boatle Interchange is a component of the upgrading of the Gaborone – Boatle project.

The project team was able to complete more than 95% of the eastern carriageway since November 2018, and subsequently it was opened to traffic.

The western carriageway opened to traffic in segments since April 2019.

Therefore 90% of the dual carriageway is now open to traffic except the main A1 road at Boatle and the section of the grade separation interchange construction at St. Joseph’s Junction that is currently on-going.

As of May 2019, Government has approved additional works on the project to include the construction of a bus rank at Boatle, and an interchange at St. Joseph’s Junction.

With the near completion of the main works of the project, the additional works are expected to complete in February 2020.

Construction of Mokolodi access road which forms part of the main works has been granted by the Department of Environmental Affairs after it was halted due to legal disputes.

The construction of the Mokolodi access is scheduled for 6 months and will fall within the duration of the construction of the interchange.

Construction of the Gaborone – Boatle road to dual standard was awarded on the 24th March 2017 to contractors CCC & CSCEC JOINT VENTURE.

Supervising consultants are BOTHAKGA BURROW BOTSWANA.

The project cost is P1, 069, 836, 218.98 (One Billion, and Sixty-Nine Million, Eight Hundred and Thirty-Six Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighteen Pula, Ninety-Eight Thebe) and so far the project spent P874,606,874.23, creating savings.

The additional amount granted to construct the additional works amounted to P87, 723,013.12

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