BNF warns veterans to toe the line

We sacrificed so much for the liberation- Veterans’ Chair

Botswana National Front’s Publicity Secretary, Justin Hunyepa has warned the party’s veterans not to entertain the possibility of the BNF pulling out of the Umbrella for Democratic Change at this late stage.

Hunyepa’s warning comes ahead of a series of BNF meetings that the veterans will be holding around the regions with the first one scheduled for July 6th in Kanye.

In an interview with The Voice, Hunyepa said that the BNF veterans were free to meet and workout whatever their agenda was as long as it is within the principles and guidelines of the party.

“We expect them to toe the line and to do their business within the BNF parameters. If there are issues that concern the running of the party they have to do it within the internal structures not through the media,” he cautioned.

Hunyepa further highlighted that the party will be having a conference soon and the leadership expect the veterans to bring their burning issues to the table unlike in the past where they presented uninformed issues to the media and on public domain.

“If their agenda is to have the party pull out of the coalition then they must know that we are far ahead with opposition unity and we don’t have time to be pulling out of the Umbrella at this time. The July conference took a decision and it means the status quo remains the same,” he explained.

However, the Chairperson of the veterans, Patrick Kgoadi announced that they would continue to hold meetings with the general membership throughout the regions.

“They must know that Letlhaku le lesha le agelwa mo go lele gologolo! This is great responsibility. Other issues on the state of the BNF and Botswana politics will be discussed there. Kgoadi in his invitation to their scheduled meetings explained that the veterans were the mainstay of the BNF and they are the only body to maintain direction of the Party in case of derailment.”

“There are so many challenges to the Front that all must stand up to, the papers are awash with issues that we must address in the wake of 2019 elections which are a make or break for veterans who sacrificed so much for the liberation of Botswana to this day,” explained Kgoadi.