BMD HEAD: Pilane

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) will converge for an emergency meeting this afternoon, at around 15:00 hours to discuss the contents of a letter in which the party’s youth league is calling for the immediate resignation of the party President, Sidney Pilane.

The youth leagues secretary general has confirmed the meeting.

In a brief interview this morning, Leak Seboko confirmed that last night at around 22:00 hours he, together with other youth league members, delivered a letter to the BMD leadership in which they called for Pilane’s resignation.

“The youth are saying they want Pilane to step aside as head of BMD. They are not asking him not to contest in Gaborone North. All they want is someone who is neutral, who can come in and save the party,” Seboko added.

The letter which was leaked to the media reads, “As the youth league we have met and suggest that President Mk Pilane step aside and let somebody carry on with the presidency with immediate effect. This will enable him to build his reputation politically that has been damaged and to build public confidence on the movement and the UDC at large. Thus we have suggested the name Dr Thupeng be looked at as the incoming President.”

Dr Thupeng is an academic at the University of Botswana and has helped in the formation of the BMD. The BMD youth believes he is politically mature.

Meanwhile BMD spokesperson, Rasina Rasina had distanced the party from the said letter.

He said although they have received a letter from the youth league, the contents of the letter differs from the one making rounds on social media.

In a brief interview earlier today, Rasina claimed he was surprised at the news making rounds today about the “leaked” letter.

“It is not true that the youth have called for Pilane’s resignation. I have been listening to such news on radio but all I can say is, the circulating letter is not the same as the one delivered to us,” Rasina contended but refused to discuss contents of the letter in his possession.

However Seboko maintains the letters holds the same contents and that, “Rasina was not there when we delivered the letter. We gave the letter to Rre Mangole who then passed it to Dr Mmatli, who also passed it to Rre Modubule. The meeting was at Pilane’s office in CBD, but Pilane was not in.”

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