The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) says the recent infamous letter that calls for the resignation of Sidney Pilane as party President does not represent any structure of the party.

The committee met yesterday (09th July 2018) to discuss, among other things, matters arising as presented through a letter to the committee on the 04th of July 2018 by some disgruntled party youth.

In his statement, BMD Spokesperson- Rasina Rasina, said the NWC had the opportunity to discuss the letter that was presented by eight young members of the BMD.

“Though the NWC learnt that among the eight signatories of the said letter, four have since written another letter distancing themselves from the initial letter and its contents, the NWC has however resolved that such a matter needed to be given appropriate attention and be afforded a deliberation and engagement,” Rasina said in a statement.

He said that the NWC has further learnt, through corrections and advice that the letter is not necessarily from the Youth League of the BMD as a party structure but that it is a letter from four members of the party who happen to be youth. “Thus, they are not, nor were they, in their communication, representing neither the BMD Youth League nor its views. The NWC has thus in its deliberations, managed to separate issues and was able to handle those matters that the NWC is empowered to do so by the NEC delegated authority.”

Rasina added that after deliberations on the matter as appearing on the agenda, the NWC resolved that it has no power, authority nor standing to make resolutions or provide focus on the matters and contents raised by the letter.

He said that the NWC has thus escalated the letter and its contents to the National Executive Committee. “The NEC has a statutory scheduled meeting for tomorrow (10th July 2018). The National Executive Committee has since agreed to include as part of its agenda, the contents of the mentioned letter for their deliberations and decision-making.”

He said that the NWC has requested for calm, sober minds from the members of the BMD and members of the opposition collective.

He further pleads that the members of the BMD, and other structures and the public at large should allow the NEC to openly deliberate on the matter as raised, and be able to provide guidance and leadership as appropriate.

The said youth had written a letter demanding that party president, Sidney Pilane should step down from his position.

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