The new Botswana Movement for Democracy catch,Batwana paramount chief, Tawana Moremi was launched amidst pomp and fanfare in Maun last weekend.

NEW MEMBERS: Kgosi Tawana

In a mammoth rally characterised by a sea of  orange and black shirts Moremi was welcomed to his new political home with jubilation expressed in song, dance and speeches by BMD President Gomolemo Motswaledi and his lieutenants.

Speaking at a fund raising dinner later on in the evening, BMD vice President , Botsalo Ntuane  urged party members  to win the support of the business community on their side. “Those who support us need not be our members or supporters but only need to appreciate our role in maintaining Botswana as a stable democracy with a conducive environment to do business and prosper.”

Ntuane said that  a strong  opposition serves as a watchdog against   corruption and  unfair  business  practices, thereby  enabling  businesses to  flourish. “To those business people in our midst, know that without a vibrant opposition and strong voices, you cannot prosper because  business  and  commerce  have  never flourished  in one  party dominant  states where  opposition is weak.

We are your insurance policy.”  On a different note BMD VP asked party members to reflect on  the challenges  of the past two  years since the party’s  formation and engage in a conversation

CELEBRATING: BMD Vice president, Botsalo Ntuane with party members

about  how   to maintain their relevance  as  a national  political  organization  because  so much  has taken place  in the interim.

He explained that some of the  things that transformed   the BMD  from  a disaffected faction of the ruling  party  into  a  national movement that  attracted patriots  of all political shades; and many  of the  previously non  aligned youths were concerns  about  the state  of  governance, corruption, erosion  of civil liberties, assault  on human rights,  degrading treatment  of  the civil servants, nepotism and the  frightening course  in which the  country was going.

Meanwhile Moremi who was accompanied by his mother  kept his audience in stiches with jokes about president Ian Khama.“President Khama is not a dictator but someone who uses head gestures to show approval and disapproval and the BDP members go along with that.

If he shakes his head in disapproval without saying a word they will all follow that,” he said throwing his audience into a fit of laughter. Multitudes of people that attended the launch included big names like Gaborone City Mayor Haskins Nkaigwa and BDP councillors in Maun.

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Le tla a tla ko domi bonnaka le santse le tshameka.


Batho ba BMD ba tsile go ikotlhaela sebe se ba se dirileng sa go thuba party ya BDP e na le lobaka lo lo kana e tshela! Ke mang yo o ka ikanyang batho ba ba etsang diaka tse di thubang malwapa le manyalo a a nang le dingwagangwaga? Ba paletswe ke go busa ba santse ba na le bagolo ba ba nang le boikarabelo, ba ka busa mang ba sa bopagana ka bo bone? It will probably take about 30 years before they can start being heard. Ba ba ko palamenteng a ba nne ba phutha, ka ba tsamaela… Read more »


I believe BMD may not be genuine. I think it is a staged decoy opposition party which was formed and was meant to disintegrate slowly from the time the so called umbrella collapses til 2015. In that way the opposition will lose credibilty while the desperate voters will have no choice but to bring back BDP. On other papers, it still seems all defectors will be taken back to BDP except Motswaledi. That is enemy nr.1 for the BDP. In brief, I think it was wise and visionary of BCP to pull out of the talks, because they are the… Read more »


In the history of Botswana politics, I have never seen any opposition party prosper while Modubule is a member of that party. Ke sengangatlela motho yoo! And now Tawana; This one you can not understand his genuinty…..??????Bo-tawana ke go tlatsa palo fela!!!!!!


mobule is a repellent… People are still to run away from BMD


Rarefri, can you tell me something; how can political parties with different manifestos and party colour and party constitutions come together(umbrela). ? The best thing they can do is to diband, form one powerful movement, if at all they stand for the interest of the nation.Some of them are so confused…Bba fetitse di-party koi.. ba tlolela kafa le kafa…..they are not politically mature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a point of correction; the best thin to do is to disband,


the best thing to do is to disband their exsisting parties and form one political movement with one constitution, and a single name . this way they will become onething with the same belief……………………..




@Eagle The opposition parties in Botswana have one big flaw. That is, they have all decided to make BDP their agenda. That is why they are forming a gang called Umbrella and I tell you it will not work. Opposition politics is supposed to have an attraction for the people that is unique from the ruling party. These ones, their aim is not to rule the country, but to correct BDP mistakes. Look at the US politics. When each of those candidates stand up in the podium, he tells the people what he has in store for them. Not what… Read more »


Rarefri, you have answered me very well. I have allways observed those opposition fellows. Just listen to them in freedom squares. They even insult other people in the presence of younger people. They use abusive language on elders(leaders of the present day) instead of telling people what they have in store for the nation. that way they put the electorate off. Batswana ke batho ba ba itlotlang, so if they think harsh language can work for them it is wrong. They are just empty vessels; make a lot of noise!!!!!!!!!!!