BMD courts kgosi mosielele
BMD PRESIDENT: Sidney Pilane

Pilane joins Manyana Chief legal team against government

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) has hatched a plan to redeem itself in the Manyana/ Moshupa constituency by luring Manyana Chief, Kebinatshwene Mosielele to be the party’s parliamentary candidate in the coming 2019 general elections.

During the past by-elections, BMD, which was represented by Jonathan Sethono suffered a humiliating defeat with a paltry 1 530 votes compared to 4 093 garnered by Karabo Gare of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Information reaching The Voice has it that the BMD was hoping to field the most popular figure from Manyana, which is more of a BDP strong hold than Moshupa village in an effort to wrestle the constituency from the ruling party.

After a series of consultations, BMD leadership decided to field Mosielele over Sethono who had proved to be weak opponent. party insiders have revealed.

“BMD still feel that had they managed to field a strong candidate, they would have won the by-elections hence the decision to go after the chief,” a source from within revealed.

BMD courts kgosi mosielele

Although BMD’s Spokesperson, Rasina Rasina denied that they had attempted to recruit Mosielele to their fold and offered him the constituency, the Chief confirmed the news to The Voice himself in an interview.

“Yes it is true that I have been approached by many political parties including the BMD to have me on their side but I do not have an interest in politics. There are many things that I still want to do for my people as a Chief and joining politics would divide them,” said Mosielele adding that he wouldn’t want to be a member of the embattled BMD, which he said had many unsolved issues that he wouldn’t want to entangle himself with.

However, allegations are that Advocate Sidney Pilane would be part of a legal team that would be fighting for Mosielele to be recognized as a paramount chief and be draped in a leopard skin.

Currently Mosielele is under Kgosikgolo Malope Gaseitsewe II of Bakgwaketse, a government arrangement that he has always protested against, arguing that he is a paramount chief in his own right.

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