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Recently I got invited by the beautiful people of Blue Muffin Entertainment to grace the grants night event that was well organized I must say. I am not a person who usually goes out, I prefer to stay at home looking for different kind of entertainment on internet I like to read biographies or articles of celebrities, such us Garren James biography, so for that reason when I go out, I expect to be blown away.
After three days of debating on whether to go or not, I decided on the last hour to just get my boring self a bit of a good time, after all, I had written my last exam paper on Friday. Guess what, I wasn’t at all disappointed, till this day I don’t regret the five hours that I spent out. I noticed something about the organizers, Blue Muffin Entertainment that is which is owned by Peter Ferguson, these guys never seem to disappoint. They just always throw the best events and it sure pays off. From ‘Flaunt your style’ to the ‘All-White Party’ to ‘Grants night’, you name it, these guys are always on top of their game. I decided to chat to Mpho Kgosi the President of the company to find out what it is that they have that distinguishes them from other promotions company in Bots. This is how it went:

When was Blue Muffin Entertainment established?
Blue Muffin Entertainment was established March 23, 2010. We actually had the ‘The All White Party’ this past March 25 to launch the company. The company is actually a year old.

Why was Blue Muffin Entertainment established?
Well, we obviously saw a gap because a lot of entertainment companies we have here in Botswana will just decide to bring DJ Fresh at fashion lounge and that’s it but we are different. We hold theme events and they are annual. I mean if you check our  track record you’ll see that we host flaunt your style in October which is more of a fashionable event and this is mostly what we showcase. We’ve had leaders of the new school which was mostly to expose the underground Hip Hop guys. We teamed up these new cats with more established hip hop artist like Scar. Basically we are different in the sense that when we bring someone from outside to come and perform, we bring them for the good music and they are not the life of the event, the party is all about the people and the theme.

I always hear this thing of Blue Muffin Entertainment being a movement.  What exactly does this mean?
Our events and their followers have a relation because when we host an event people know they have to be there, they look forward to it.

What differentiates you from other promotions companies in Botswana?
A lot of guys don’t have a long term vision, they just have a party for the sake of calling people and making money. I mean you go for the party tonight, tomorrow you forget about it, that’s it. At Blue Muffin Entertainment we don’t hit short cuts because when we have events we make sure that they stay in the mind of our followers. We know that when people attend our events they want to see pictures after the event so we post them on Facebook.

The events that you guys organize are normally trendy and classy, would you say that this is your trade mark?
Oh yes, it is. Like I said we mix fashion and entertainment. I mean if we charge you P100 at the door and you come in wearing track pants and flip flops, you’ll be greatly embarrassed. Our theme is said out loud before the day of the event. Like the theme of Grants Night, the people who drink whisky are relaxed and collected.

Do your events cater for all or do you have a certain target market?
We do have a target market, the theme says it all.  Each theme has its own target and it filters people. We cater for the old, young and the corporate people. Our target market is basically the descent, elegant and stylish people regardless of age.

What is Blue Muffin Entertainment’s mission?
What we are trying to build as Blue Muffin Entertainment is a brand. I mean when I or Peter are no longer with the company, we want the new employees to be able to follow our footsteps, to walk in the same path. So basically we want to see a growth of classy events in Botswana, we want to keep the consistency of the annual events that we promised the people.

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