BLLAWHU top leadership under fire
WORRIED: Ketlhalefile Motshegwa

Botswana Land Boards and Local Authorities Health Workers Union (BLLAWHU) top leadership has come under heavy criticism for unilateral investment decisions, taken without consultation with the broader membership.

The Union President, Thatayaone Kesebonye and Secretary General, Ketlhalefile Motshegwa have been lambasted by regional leaders for taking an executive decision to sell a BLLAWHU commercial plot in Mogoditshane for P6 million to invest the money in a detergent making company called Comp Engineering and Exports in Tlokweng.

Some of the aggrieved regional leaders this week complained bitterly that they learnt about the P6 million pula sale and the subsequent P 5 million investment through BLLAWHU WhatsApp groups and when they asked for clarifications they were told an announcement was going to be made at the Governing Council.

However at the Union Governing Council meeting which was held in Kang at the end of June some of the regional leadership particularly region 1, 2 and 6 interrogated the Union President and the SG about the plot sale and subsequent detergent investment but failed to get a satisfactory answer.

Last year it was raised at the same forum and at the Annual General Meeting and they were told they would be taken on a tour to appreciate the progress, an inside source revealed

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Speaking to The Voice in an interview a disgruntled Executive Member, who preferred not to be mentioned for fear of victimization, complained that the President and the SG were in the habit of making major decisions without involving them.

He also revealed that another issue that was raised raised by regions at the AGM was that Motshegwa should have considered going on sabbatical leave since he has joined active politics and is currently a UDC parliamentary candidate for Bloomington South.

“His affiliation to Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has a negative impact on our relation with the government. Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development is reluctant to assist us when we need help because our SG has declared to be their enemy in politics. Botswana Landboards and Local Authorities Health Sports Association (BLAHSA) games were to be held these Presidential holidays and they have been canceled and one of the reasons is that Ministry did not help us with transport. Just recently there was Local Authorities Health Inter-Sport Association (LAHISA) games and ministry provided transport. It is clear that they can’t associate with people who are aligned to a certain political party. Our constitution is silent about it but for the integrity of the union Motshegwa must go on sabbatical leave,” he said

Responding to these grievances Motshegwa argued that those sentiments could only emanate from lack of understanding and stupidity.

He said this is just internal politics and people who were pushing such an agenda were those who lost previous union elections and those who want to stand for the coming elections in December.

“I am not apologetic about holding a position in the union and being a politician. It is my constitutional right and nobody can tell me to go on leave. This is not something new the late Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri was in Diamond Union but a member of BDP, Neo Moroka is a BDP member and yet he is in DeBeers Board just to mention a few. On the issue of investment in Tlokweng.but detergent company I was not even there I was at school in Italy when it happened. It was a board decision not mine and the president’s as alleged,” said Motshegwa

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