Blaze of gory
Torched house


All that remains of 33-year-old Donald Ncube are his chest, buttocks and blackened bones.

The Zimbabwean burnt alive in Kweneng settlement on Monday morning, allegedly locking himself inside his employer’s house and then setting it on fire.

It is believed he opened a 9kg gas cylinder before hanging himself to the rafters with a wire and then torching the house, which contained two 20litre containers of diesel.

Ncube was on bail accused of stock theft and was due before Mochudi Magistrates Court for judgment on Tuesday.

However, rather than face the possibility of spending the next five years locked up, he chose to end his life.

According to sources close to the scene, Ncube spent Sunday night with a girlfriend in Kweneng, departing in the morning on the premise that he was going to Mochudi.

Before leaving the settlement, he went to see a different girlfriend and asked her to accompany him halfway. Annoyed that Ncube had spent the night with another woman, lover number two refused and left for her job with Ipelegeng.

About four hours later, having ignored several of his calls, she received a message from Ncube instructing her to meet him at his employer’s house.

Taking up the narrative, Molepolole Police Superintendent Lebani Burns revealed that the woman went to meet her lover, where she found him at the fireplace.

“He cuddled her and bid farewell to her, telling her it was the last time she would see him. He told her that he wanted her and his other girlfriend to remain in peace and to build a friendship and forget about the issue that they both had an affair with him,” said Burns, adding that Ncube then directed his girlfriend to the storeroom, where he had stashed away some money and dried meat.

“As the woman went to the storeroom, he got inside the house and closed the door. The woman went to the house and pushed the door; the deceased pushed her and locked himself inside before chasing her away, saying ‘it was time up’.

“The woman returned to work. Just before she arrived she was shocked to find the house in flames,” explained the top cop.

Ncube’s charred corpse was found inside, the skin on his arms, legs and face burnt away.

Before his death, Ncube is said to have given away his clothes, telling the recipients it was their share of his inheritance.

His family have already taken his remains from the mortuary.

Giving details of the charges against the dead man, Superintendent Burns told The Voice Ncube was suspected of stealing eight goats at Ratshwene cattlepost in Kgatleng District back in March 2018.

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