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Black Tip Crew officially launched

Black tip crew official launch
Black tip crew official launch

From different parts of the world, they came together with ink in common and created a harmonious, seamless symphony of artistry.

Entering the National Museum in Gaboone, the vision looked like we were somewhere in Los Angeles, at an art gala were only the crème de la crème rsvp’d.

A true lifestyle experience.

Ambience before art lovers flocked

The Black Tip Crew has officially launched their signature black and white illustrations.

You may have seen these on social media platforms,which is most likely contoured by one of these creative young Batswana.

Formed by Tebogo Cranwell, the late Leungo “Chopps” Tumedi and Karabo Maine, the three had great appreciation of each other’s aesthetics in doodling and ink illustrations.

Creativity is intelligence having fun

They came together under the banner of Bullsheep Studios and so this exhibition is essentially an introduction of who they are as a group.

Creativity can’t be studied Or copied, it’s a gift 

“The inspiration for the work comes from a range of places, touching on African portraiture through the lens of graphic illustration, to exploration of feminine sexuality within the continent of a young Motswana woman”

Art is freedom

“There are common themes that one could find in both our art, but we have not intentionally created the work in the service of one clear subject.”

To create is to live twice

The doodles and illustrations are not only on paper, but also on walls and other customized media.

Going forward their plans include executing mural pieces around the city and building a stronger online presence, all to work towards engaging with other artists and creating a movement of meaningful art.

Collaboration: art is not what you see but what you want others to see

The presentation shows that a lot of work and precision was put into this launch which is highly appreciated.

The illustrations are up for sale and can be found on Instagram @the_btc and on Facebook @The Black Tip Crew.

Local is lekker than ever I tell yah!

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