Chief’s strange death spark family fight

Mmankgodi villagers are still reeling in shock and confusion after their chief, Alfred Mompe Letlole died while addressing a meeting.

Chief Mompe, 84, collapsed in the middle of his vote of thanks speech at a well attended Land Board meeting last week.

His distraught children and some of his subjects have suspected foul play.

The chief’s 53-year-old son, Daniel Letlole expressed misgivings about a section of the royal family that he claimed, “Sat back and grinned” when his father struggled for his last breath instead of helping.

These same people did not greet the chief when he extended his hand to them at the beginning of the meeting, the grieving son said.

Some of them are also the same characters that didn’t attend the funeral proceedings, Letlole alleged.

However Mompe was not the first Mmankgodi chief to die a strange death as dark forces seem to follow the royal family.

Letlole said his grandfather, Aupa Thobega and great grandfather Godfrey Letlole both died after vomiting blood.

A 66 year old Councilor in Mmankgodi, Sealobeng Mmantho Kruger, who witnessed the sudden death of the chief said that before he collapsed he spat out a lump of blood, and before she knew it blood oozed out of the old man’s mouth and then there was a loud bang like a gun shot from him.

“What I can tell you is that there was one person in that meeting who had a strong stench and this is the smell that killed the chief,” said Kruger.

The chief’s younger brother, States Letlole is one person who didn’t attend his brother’s funeral.

When asked why he chose to stay away he said, “ I’m sick so I didn’t go, but even if I weren’t sick I wouldn’t have gone because my nephew insulted me and pelted me with rocks when I tried to go to the funeral house, He accused me of killing his father, but I’m no murderer,” States said

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