A Kanye family who tricked two men into financially supporting a child they both believed was theirs has been exposed and shamed.

Tsholofelo Ntshekisang, 26, and her conniving father Kelapepelo Ntshekisang were caught after the young mother’s two lovers, Gaolatlhe Tshireletso and Othusitse Tome became friends on Facebook.

Tshireletso and Tome, to their utter shock and horror discovered as their face book friendship blossomed that they had both posted and claimed Ntshekisang’s one-month-old child as theirs on their respective facebook walls.

This happened after Kelapepelo had reported the pregnancy to both men ‘s families when his daughter was eight months pregnant and demanded damages.

“My family was charged P700 and seven cows,” said Tome.

The P700 was paid and while they were still planning to arrange for the seven cows to be delivered, I stumbled across this disturbing discovery.

There was another man in the picture.

“I saw a picture of my child displayed on another guy’s Facebook wall (Tshireletso).

When I asked I learnt that he too was supposed to be the father and had already paid damages just like me.

“Just how can one child have two fathers?’ Tome asked rhetorically.

Tshireletso on the other hand confronted the mother of the child and she told him right away that he was not the father after all and apologised for the hurt.

In an apologetic text message sent to Tshireletso’s phone she said:

‘Sorry for hurting and disappointing you. Mistakes do happen so I don’t know what to say or how you will take this between us and the relationship.’

But when the two families of Tome and Tshireletso met the Ntshekisang family in Kanye on Saturday July 27th to solve the mystery of the child’s father they were met by an agitated and uncooperative Kelapepelo who refused to be interrogated.

“I cannot discuss this issue with you, before I consult the rest of my family so please back off,” he fired.

“When you came to report the pregnancy you did not bring any of your family members, why now?”

IN HAPPIER TIME: Ntshekisang and Tome
IN HAPPIER TIME: Ntshekisang and Tome

An equally agitated family member from Tome ‘s side retorted.

The old man however stood his ground until he got rid of his unwanted visitors.

There was a new twist to this issue however when The Voice paid the old man a visit on Wednesday.

Unaware that this reporter was part of the Saturday delegation Kelapepelo claimed that Tshireletso and not Tome was the father of the child.

“He accepted it and he has paid damages.

I know nothing about the other boy,” he said in contradiction to his daughter’s claims in a telephone interview that Tome was indeed the real father.

The three families have agreed to meet at the end of August to discuss the child’s paternity.

“Just come for the meeting, the father’s identity will be revealed then,” The old man said as a parting shot.



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heeee banna

Pharra Phatshwa

ga kena kgang. if this really happened, then our society is sick.


people are after money what a shame


Sm gals hv al da luck,tjo!!! Banna ba le babedi ba sapota ngwana a le one,hw I wish


“‘Sorry for hurting and disappointing you. Mistakes do happen so I don’t know what to say or how you will take this between us and the relationship.’”

Sounds like this GOLDDIGGER DOES NOT KNOW WHO FATHERED HER CHILD . The two people should demand a DNA test – Possibility that they are BOTH NOT THE FATHERS OF HER CHILD!


o se bone tholwana borethe teng ga yone go a baba, i think o ne a tswetse matho a utwa monate. kgarebe o ithute go tshuba lebone o togele dilo tsa lefifi


Ngwana o itsewe sereto ke mmagwe.


What if the two guys had both wanted to marry her for the sake of the baby? What would she do then?


Paternity test a must here..may be the biological father is elsewhere,dumped probably he is financially poor.


XIM dira DNA test obo o mo sekisa mmoto.

kare ke mathata se se dirafalang.. ke bokhutlo ja lefatshe.. ke solofela ngwanyana yo o pelo one a fokotsa diraipist.. ka go fa banna ba ba bedi ngwana ale mongwefela


Ijaah tsa kanye gadi nke di tshwana le tsa merafe e mengwe

Joseph Jacob

These guys are not afraid of responsibilities, one day they will be great fathers, dont give up guys




Bo gal ba tricky


not suprised,ke Mongwaketje….lol


Perhaps the GOLDDIGGER has the habit of picking up and dumping guys on the roadside depending how full their bank account is !!!

bontle boseng nosi….


if Tshireletso did pay damages these should be given back to him

These golddiggers have NO CLASS AT ALL they aim is MATERIAL THINGS things they do not give a damn if they hurt someone like in this case Tshireletso




ao ngwanyana yo banna !!ga o swabe…kgaaa!!


basimane ba ga ba re sepe,let them pay.banna ba rata mathale,hamba o ba tchele!


ngwanyana o re tshegisitse ka dichaba…i knw her re tsene sgela rotlhe..

ijo re tla tlhola re bonwa emang banyana ba ga Maila?


rraagwe ngwanyana yo le ene,batsadi ba rona tlhe ba rata go ja..o ipne hela a rwala ditlhako a latela malwapa a mabedi ka mpa e nngwefela?


It takes two to tango not THREE (!)???
so it is ok for parents to sell their children to make money GOODNESS GRACIOUS

king julian

raagwe ngwanyana yo le ene gongwe mosadimogolo wa gagwe o modirile jalo ka ene mme yo yo o senang ipotsa fela gore ngwana yo wa bo rre bababedi o ya go tshelang jang le ba bangwe ko sekolong, a kere ba taabo bare suta wena wa bopapa ba go thomogela pelo nnana le gale modimo o itse gotlhe.go tla siama.


kana gongwe basimane ba ba supporta ngwana wa ga spinach


Thaema e ke ipotsa gore all along ontse a itse gore his daughter o itewa ke majita ba le 2,or even more,ha gongwe bokgwathe ba bangwe(the real dad) ba khandilwe ka ga bana zaka.

Jomlv P.

Molao one wa reng,go riana fa o loja chase ga go supe gore e nngwe e go supa fela gore banna re a gatelelwa e bile molao o utlwa basadi fela.

oaitse mcrazi

thats new life people……..

this is sickening, what has the world come to


ths girl is a golddigger finsh and klaaar…


Facebook to the rescue….ka moso lo be lo re Facebook e a tlhadisa ga e a siama….hahaha—tje monyana wa mongwatjetsi…lo tla mo reng???…ga se gore tje a tshega…koor tje utlwa utlwa gatwe loso logolo tje di laughs


Gone mme how come Gaolatlhe and Tome became friends in fb,A ba ntse ba itsane gole pele o jang? aitse ke tshaba tiro tsa modimo waitse. Heela wena Tsholo ke wena fela o ka tlhalosang gore who is the father of your kid. maybe is somebody else apart from the two ha ha ha ha. You are still too young nana (26) and tiro tsa gago aish!!!!! Lona majents, dirang DNA, ke yone fela e ka atlholang kgang.

even the bible states that a woman tricked a man at first,,this has been happening from far away. it shoudnt come as a suprise to us,,it happens in different ways!! nd before long something els is on its way….


aa!!! waitse some ladies ba re tshedisetsa mo kgobedung,,,ehe o ne a re o thabile jackpot ngwanyana,,,a ja both sides 🙂 and surely she knows hu da Daddy is,,,thts y gotwe “ngwana o itsiwe sereto ke mmaagwe”…..guys beware


Sorry for hurting and disappointing you. Mistakes do happen so I don’t know what to say or how you will take this between us and the relationship.’

Y dd she lie to th othr guy a itse rraagwe ngwana?