DECEASED: Jimmy Selema


Strange findings have started to emerge in a case of a Jwaneng top cop who fatally shot his wife before putting a bullet in his own head on Saturday.

According to a source, police searched the deceased, 51-year-old Jimmy Selema’s vehicle and found a loaded AK47 containing 24 live rounds.

The search then continued to the former Assistant Superintendent’s office, where a magazine loaded with 48 live rounds and P12, 000 were reportedly discovered in his safe.

“The AK47 and magazine were supposed to have been at the armory. We don’t know how he got it and why he kept it there,” said the source.

“What he was planning to do with all that money and ammunition is still a mystery to all of us. The money doesn’t belong to police since all the books and cash balanced during audit,” continued the puzzled insider.

However, Deputy Public Relations Officer, Senior Superintendent Near Bagali refuted the allegations, dismissing them as unfounded rumours.

“Another thing you have to know is that we cannot go into investigations as this is a fresh matter,” fired the top cop.

The normally quiet mining town had its peace shattered at the weekend as the sound of gunshots reverberated around Jwaneng.

Selema fired numerous shots at his wife, Tireentle, 47, in a car outside their house at Jwaneng’s EU 3 location.

He then entered their home and shot himself.

Five bullets are said to have been recovered from the woman’s body while one was found in Selema’s corpse.

The motives behind his murderous actions remain a mystery although details of a marriage rocked by jealousy and cheating have started to spread around Jwaneng at the time of going to press.

New information gathered by this publication indicated that the deceased had turned the Jwaneng Police Station into his, “hunting place’ where he dated about five junior officers at the same time, three constables and two special constables.

“He was renting out a house for one of the Special Constables and even renewed her work contract, defying his superiors reccomendation to terminate.

The female cop was facing many disciplinary matters.

She is the same woman who caused a conflict between the deceased couple after the cop’s wife suspected that her husband was palnning to give the side chic P7 000,” said a source who went on to explain that all the deceased’s girlfriends were exempted from sharing houses like their peers.

Although the man was said to be a philanderer within the polices tation he allegedly went beserk when he discovered that his wife was having an affair with a local pastor.

“Before he killed her, he had confiscicated her phones and never gave them back,” a relative revealed.

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