ABUSIVE: Masonya

Ex-commando uses army methods to punish girlfriend

Prophet Bushiri “delivers” him but he gets more violent.

A traumatized teacher who suffered humiliating abuse at the hands of a brutal and broke ex-commando boyfriend has finally spoken out about her ordeal.

Tebogo Mathumo, 49, endured degrading and bizarre punishment such as rolling in pools of water ‘commando style’ and carrying out an order to fill a 200ml drum with her bare hands for offences like suspected cheating and not picking up her phone fast enough.

This week Matumo, who teaches at Shanganani Secondary School in Tsamaya, finally found the courage to break the silence and speak about how she battled to escape from the clutches of a cruel control freak she met in church 3 years ago.

“The pastor prophesied about a deeply troubled man who had only P3.00 in his pocket and Masonya stepped up to the pulpit to be prayed for,” said Matumo.

A week later they met again in town and Masonya proposed love to Matumo.

For the first three months her new man did not ask for sex, which endeared him to her and convinced her that she had finally found the right one.

Masonya was also upfront with Matumo about his financial status.

“He is a welder so I bought grinders, welding machines and everything he asked for and he moved out of his mother’s house in Tonota into my house, which was still under construction in Molapo.”

Blinded by love Matumo gave Masonya her ATM card to use and her car to drive.

Despite all the love, Masonya’s abusive side and brutal nature soon reared its ugly head.

“Missing a call was punishable by slaps across the face until I apologized. A cat running across the yard once earned me a dozen hot claps,” Matumo said.

The relationship however hit rock bottom when Masonya showed up unexpectedly at Matumo’s house in Tsamaya after he could not get through to her on the phone.

“The moment he knocked on my door, I knew I was in deep trouble. He smashed windows and tied a rope to the burglar bars with the intention of pulling them off with the car.”

Matumo ‘s neighbors came to her rescue and accompanied her to report Masonya to the police, but she later withdrew the case and forgave him.

Afraid for her life and tired of humiliation she convinced him to visit Prophet Bushiri for a solution to his anger.


“We went together in November, 2015 and to my utter shock the prophet repeated three times, in front of thousands of people and live on television that Masonya was a dangerous man possessed by a strong and destructive demon of anger, and that I should break up with him immediately.”

“Masonya however responded to the prophesy by running up to the pulpit and kneeling down in front of Prophet Bushiri and begging to be delivered,” narrated Matumo.

The Prophet prayed for him and offered to mentor him.

From that day however the abuse got worse.

“On February 29th, a fight ensued over a missed call. At around 10pm he asked me to dress up and ride with him to the bush where he went ‘commando’ on me. He twisted my neck and instructed me to roll in a pool of water like a soldier. As I rolled in the water, he kicked me and asked me to give him the name of the man I was sleeping with; he wanted to know if the man was better than him in bed.”

After hours of ridiculous torture Masonya, took out a 200l drum, placed it in a puddle and asked her to fill it up with her bare hands.

“I finally said a random name just so the abuse could stop,” she said.

When they finally returned home from hours of abuse she escaped and reported him to the police.

He was remanded in custody for 14 days, and now he is currently out on bail awaiting trial.

“I have lived in fear and shame. I couldn’t face the world but today I want to come out and warn other women. I know he is out there prying on his next victim because he has a left a chain of broken souls behind him already,” said Matumo.

Tshebe Deputy Station Commander, Assistant Superintendent Mothokomedi Ponyane confirmed to The Voice that they had indeed remanded Masonya for 14 days to face assault charges.

Masonya refused to comment on the damning allegations.

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