Monnamogolo is a life slave for radio and music as my dad introduced me to both 40 years ago, before I even started school. The music of Ratsie Setlhako, Jim Reeves still resonates in my ears like it was yesterday. The 45” vinyl records he used to play in the house still exist to this day. As age fast creeps in, my memory is slowly failing me, but voices of radio stalwarts like Rix(sp) Morake, Rebaone Mookodi(the best news reader ever), Patrick Masimolole etc still sound fresh to me. Who would forget the likes of Lesole Obonye, who still goes strong at Radio Botswana, BB Lethola, Banyana Keddie(sp), Monica Mphusu, Moreri Gabakgore and Oshinka Tsiang. Monnamogolo has really gone a full circle.  I have been involved professionally in radio for 18 years now as a presenter and in management. I have tried to walk away from my first love, but has always been drawn right back in. When Robin and Alfred invited me back to assist with Duma Fm programming, I was a little skeptical because I was enjoying my life, away from long hours of work. What drew me back was the station’s exciting format. Having been involved all my life with music radio, I felt my time had come to explore the talk element side of radio. That decision has now united me with my all-time radio hero, Andrew Sesinyi,  I got real goose bumps hearing his voice last Sunday on radio. Sesinyi epitomized talk radio with Round Table in the 80’s. When I approached him to come back, I never in a million years thought he would agree. It’s a fairytale dream to come into professional contact with someone you hero worshipped as a youngster. Now it’s on, I am going to learn a great deal from him, so are many radio presenters in this country, irrespective of what radio station they are on. Real radio is baaaaaaaack – September 5 2010 at 12 noon!

Matseing Greatest hits

Matsieng, certainly one of the top five traditional groups ever has just re-united with its former lead singer Ditiro, popularly known as DT. The group lost some of its magic when he went solo a few years ago. They are said to be back in the studio cooking a fresh album. Time will tell if their next album will do as well compared to the failed one they did without him. Meanwhile, their former record label, Eric Ramco records has just dropped a must buy, Greatest Hits Compilation featuring monster hits like Thulamela, Mmalebopo, Sheleng, Tinto, Mmaweledi, Tshwana, Ke Bone Mosadi, Ga Ke Lesole and mouth watering new song called O Matlhagatlhaga. The album gets an elusive 10 stars out of 10 from Monnamogolo. Go and buy it NOW…real collectors item!

First Impression

Motswako continues to make in-roads into the music industry as an alternative genre. The latest artist to throw his weight under the genre is Reign, with his debut, The First Impression.  He does make a relatively good impression. The production is by no means perfect. The 12 track album, with tunes like Sunrise, Blowing up, Diphuka, Opposite Attract, Ride With Me, Kgalema Lenyatso Blue Train and Sethunya will certainly wet the appetite of Motswako lovers who are forever looking to hear new sounds and artists. It gets seven stars out of 10 from Monnamogolo. For CD and DVD reviews call 72842046!


Ever since commercial radio started in Botswana, it has been dominated by cool and sexy voices that did nothing but music. With the exception of Solo and Lettie at the turn of the century, there has never really been a real dominant talk radio host in commercial radio. Sipho Showa came along but did not stay long. Shombie and Warona played their part, but both have since faded. The reason why most presenters who tried talk radio failed was simply because while they were decent speakers, they lacked the journalistic instinct Solo and Lettie had, a vital ingredient in talk radio. That may be changing now with the likes of Tshireletso Motlogelwa and last week’s featured radio presenter, Kealeboga Dihutso. Both of these gentlemen have rich journalism experience which puts them in good stead to excel in talk radio. We may well be seeing the death of music radio and the emergence of talk radio in the next couple of years. Tshireletso Motlogelwa is at Gabz Fm on Tuesday nites at 6pm!

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Kgole ya setlhako

matsieng, i luv it wen u guys’r back again wit DT,he’s my man,nd as of Ramco,he knws u guys better than any producer in this country….so nvr make that mistake again of leaving him.


go bosula