Gugu Mavuma has found his way onto radio. Listened to him last week Friday sitting in for Otis Fraiser at Gabz Fm. The former TV man sounded at home on TV and it does sound like his transition from the small screen to radio could bear fruit. Gugu cut his teeth at Btv as a continuity presenter about five years ago. When he left Btv, many young ladies were heartbroken as he was their favourite TV continuity presenter. He was not lost to the entertainment industry as he joined Duma Fm sales team and subsequently Lizard Lounge as it’s’ manager for a while. He also got a presentation gig on Primetime which he left a few months ago and was replaced by Melodramatic. Looks like Gabz Fm has caught another promising fish!


How many of you remember the group Toto? How many remember the hit tune Africa? The lead singer of that group has been in Botswana for the last month or so cooking what is certainly going to be one of the best albums to come out of Botswana. Yes, put a rubber stamp on that statement, Nnunu (one of the members of The Ladies of Jazz) is about to drop her long awaited and anticipated solo debut album. And yes, it was produced by none other than Jean Michelle, lead singer of Toto and co-produced by Tshepo “T-Les” Lesole. Last Tuesday, Monnamogolo was one of the few invited to sample the album at Bull n Bush. Boy, I was completely blown away. World class production.  Nnunu has been flirting with releasing a studio album for many years now. The remaining lady of Jazz to yet release an afrojazz album will be Kearoma. She last released an Afropop album under Black Money Makers which completely bombed, but there is no doubt that her afrojazz album will be impressive too. T-Less will be the producer


Good singing/rapping are essential to be an artist, but the ability to perform for many fans are the most important. A.T.I. and Juju Boy are arguably the best two urban music performers in the country today. The former burst onto the scene with a street mix tape last year. He has just dropped a proper album called “Incredible Is The Mix tape”, produced by one of the fastest rising young producer in the country called Rimzy. This sixteen track mix tape is the real deal bagaetsho. The CD features amongst others Zeus, Scar, Juju Boy, Youn V, Orakle, HT and Ramos. I totally love many tunes on this album from Catch Me If You Can, Give Me Love, Purple Rain, Soon N Very Soon, Lonely Road, Satane and Not Like Me. This mix tape gets 9 out of 10 stars, its’ that good; can’t wait to see him perform it!


South African music sensation Ringo will be making his umpteenth visit to the country to give music lovers a dose of his Afro-Jazz. By popular demand the artist invades the Delta this Friday. Maun residents are expected to throng the Crocodile Camp to witness the trio of Ringo, Eugene Jackson and DT live in action. DT will be performing there after 12 years of having made his name when he performed on a tour with SA kwaito groupTtrompies at Riley’s Hotel, while Eugene will be appearing with Ringo for the third time.

On Saturday Ringo will make his maiden appearance at Millennium Jazz Restaurant alongside the queen of jazz Punah Gabasiane. Tickets sell for P150.

Get ready for Bk’s brand new album. I am in possession of the video to the first single off the album, Crazy I. It’s a crazy tune folks and the video way too nice. The album is entitled Music Man. Bk has really grown as a producer and artists.  Trevor Mabua has also released a sweet single, Motho O a Mmona, dedicated to the Zebras fans. The team’s fans are going to fall in love with this tune. Stampore has just finished recording his next album with the new CD. This weekend from Thursday to Saturday, his fans can sample some of the new tunes at Catch Jazz22 Pub & Grill in Tsholofelo above Calabash. Kabelo has been nominated for an award at the second annual African Gospel Music Awards, details to follow next week). Lastly, if you are in town, you may catch the premier of a Botswana shot movie by Ba Boneng Film Company, the movie called “A Lerato Ke Lone Leo” is about passion killings. The premier will be at GICC tonight (Friday)!


Former Digauta girls Shiny & Mpho have just released their own album without Maxy. The gals who worked with Maxy on the first two Digauta albums have decided to go at it alone. The album entitled Flower Girls was recorded by Dr Tawanda Benson and engineered by Kudzi Kumakili with samurai on guitars. Dr Tawanda knows his stuff when it comes to Disco Kwasa. I had my doubts that these ladies couldn’t make it without Maxy, but iyhoooo, they are holding their own ground. With tunes like Koko, Pula Nkgonkgodisa, Lefufa/Jealousy, Thank You Lord and Katarena, Flower Girls will give Tyte and Slizer a run for their money. Katarena is a hooooot tune! Album gets 8 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo. To get your CD/DVDs and films reviewed on this page call 72842046!

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