RIP: Whitney Houston

Last week, the world lost another singing legend in Whitney Houston. While the final results of the autopsy have not been released, many believe the death could be drug related.
She was buried last Saturday and Monnamogolo followed the funeral on twitter(ga kena Dtstv ditsala, ya tura).
Here are some of the tweets that got my attention:
Lebogang Maruapula aka MrsMapSocialyt – If there’s 1 thing I respected abt Whitney was, she was the epitome of a graceful woman.
Not 1 day did u hear her trash Bobbi Brown.
Tshepo Ntshole – Let’s see who watches long enough to learn more about the loss of life in Syria. Boogie Sid – Honestly why blame Bobby Brown for her drug addiction?
Zeus – So I hear Houston fam didn’t allow Bobby to attend the funeral!
That is really not cool! Whether they approve or not they shared a life!
Now here is one that told a different story and really really really got my attention and got me thinking mmmmmmh:
Jack Daniel(pseudo name I suppose) – “Wait, we’re supposed to weep for some idiot who had it all and blew it like an ass?
Let’s curse her and turn our sympathies elsewhere.” After reading this tweet, I shook my head in disbelief..
The moral of this tweet is, sad, very insensitive and tasteless in content and language as it may sound, celebrities get special treatment even when they do wrong!


Last week Thursday Monnamogolo stepped to Fusion Entertainment, the new up-market nightclub that has taken residence at the former Fashion Lounge.
The event was the launch of upcoming hip hop/motswako sensation Willz.
When I got there around 8pm the place was almost empty, but by 9:30pm when the event started, there was a sizeable crowd of hip hop fanatics in the lavishly renovated nightclub ready to check out what the young man who won the Hub Magazine hip hop competition ahead of other young heavyweights in 2011,Dramaboi and Bone-C had to offer.
I have never attended the Hub Mag Hip hop Series, so I had no idea who he was.
But something told me that he was worth the hype since he is counted amongst the new crop of hip hop artists who are fast changing the hip hop scene in the country.
Folks, the performances that preceded from his stable were a breath of fresh air.
I was involved first hand with the first hip hop crew to record an album that defined and shaped hip hop in the country at the close of the 90’s.
These young men and ladies are re-defining what P-Side did.
They are hip hop game changers. Willz’s video of Love Letter is super and it is set to debut on Trace soon!


Last week Sunday sixty960) urban music Artists and Djs got together at the UB Sports grounds to pave a way to start working together to enhance each other’s success.
The idea is the brainchild of Gees-Pot who cut his teeth in the industry in Port Elizabeth in South Africa.
He recognized that there is a void between artists and DJs that needed to be bridged to improve the urban music industry i.e. hip hop, house and kwaito.
The lads are still to decide at the next meeting whether to go ahead and register an association that will be affiliated to BOMU. Their aim is not to compete with the latter but to add value to it as an entity affiliated to BOMU as the mother body, so they can also tap into connections BOMU has already established.
Amongst the other issues they would like to get to know are royalty payments, standardized performance pay, workshops and pertinent issues regarding to how artists should run their business which includes packaging of music to be submitted to radio stations, production quality, respect for each other and how to present themselves at shows.
One important aspect that would really improve relationships between artists and DJs would be getting djs to play Botswana music in their sets.


The Zambian and Nigerian music influence is starting to show in country.
This is happening  after music from the two countries completely took over the club/party scene in the country in 2011.
Vee has done a couple of tracks on his new album Long Play 2012 which features sounds from the two countries.
Another artist Tich, new to the scene, has burst out with a blazing 8 track album “Mungani Wami” which sounds so much like Zambian music.
Monnamogolo saw him on Flava Dome and decided to sample the album after I saw the video of the title track Mungani Wami.
He composed all the songs on the album which was produced by Dublin at DNX Records and featuring a support crew of musicians Chris Joe, Gerry B, T Rebel and Double O.
With the Nigerian and Zambian flava taking a dip since the beginning of the year, time will tell if Tich succeeds to make people remember the Potential/Sawa Sawa magic of 2011 with his blend of Botswana produced beats.
I am loving the album and I give it 8 stars out of 10!


Not sure what to really write about this album.
Listened to it a few times to try and find a few good things to write about it. If I could have avoided reviewing it, I would have, but the owner is expecting me to and I just have to.
Toni is a lovable person with a great personality, but truth be told, she released this album too pre-maturely.
It sounds like a demo to me. The production is very substandard and the singing and song writing is not really on point.
Matsale is a ten(10) track album that is meant to be an afro pop album, but it does not sound anywhere near that genre.
It is a mix of Splash/Slizer/Tyte/Eke Ntolo, but not as well produced and performed as all four.
Toni should go back to the drawing board, learn how to write songs, sing better and get better producers or get the same producers to work harder.
It is a bad album that I had a very hard time reviewing.

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