Motswako King back


Many people believe HHP is the originator of tswana rap popularly known as Motswako. He has certainly made it very popularly to the verge of even breaking it overseas international markets. But ask Nomadic formerly known as Mr T who really originated the hip hop sub-genre and you may get a different answer. My timeline may support Nomadic as the real originator of Motswako. Monnamogolo met him through Mike Proctor around 1997. He made my first |Setswana rap radio jingle and in my mind, that was the beginning of Motswako. I had never heard anyone rap in Setswana/vernacular before. He went on to join P-S when Geto flava took a break, putting out two of the biggest hip hop classics to date, “Can’t Touch with the then Mr Doe and Watagwaan. Over the last ten years he dropped two studio albums. He sis starting a new decade with his third which he dropped this week on his birthday. In this album Nomadic does prove that he is indeed the real king of Motswako. There is no need for me to say more, just go buy the damn album. It gets 10 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo!

Mma di chain


Thanxks to Eke Ntolo and Slizer, Disco music is back with a big bang. Pretty Lebo is about to benefit from the efforts of those two entities. Late last year she dropped her album Dumelang with Chainworks. With a stage name Mma Di Chain, lebo is set to electrify audiences with this album. Well. Her looks will certainly play the part too. The six track album was composed, arranged and produced by lebo herself, Tumelo and Lame at jamrite Studios. Its got tunes like the title track itself Dumelang, basetsana, Child abuse Boela gae and my favourite Moratiwa. She did not try to re-invent the wheel. The album is strictly Disco and lovers of this music must already be enjoying it. It gets 7 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo. For CD reviews on this column call 72842046!

Petrus Makgobola


Its always good to see adults pass on the talent they have to the new and younger generation. On such brother is Petrus Makgobola. He has apparently worked for sometime with Kgobola in the late 90’s and also assisted Machesa. As a gesture of repayment for having set Machesa on their way to a Kora Winning album, Batsile Dimane, one of the trio from Machesa has taken it upon himself to make sure that Petrus’s msic signature is also recorded. The result is an album that sounds a lot like the South African gospel music of the likes of bo Boleseng. The eight track album was composed and sang by Petrus himself. It was recorded at Nice Cut Productions. A very matured voice and signing that you want to listen to. The album gets 8 stars out of 10 from Monnamogolo. Really nice work!

Dj Lod Rakim


I hate to review work done by my friends unless its really good . That because it is often difficult to say it like it is if it does not meet all the set standards. DJ Lod Rakim is good buddy of mine. He dropped a house album at the end of 2010 that I have been sitting on for fear of not saying very kind things about it. That time has come. The 12 track album entitled PORN “On the dancefloor” can be best described as township house music. But unlike DJ Cleo and now Bujo Mojo’s latest works, it is half baked to say the least. It lacks a lot of ingredients that go into real house music and fails  Listening to it, it reminds me of the early years of Kwaito in South Africa and the earliest works of Bujo Mujo. The idea is there, but had DJ Lod Rakim gone to proper studios and established house producers, this album could have sounded much better. It gets 5 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo.

Thirty years of  DJs
Monnamogolo has been fortunate to see generations of great club DJs in the country dating as far back as the late 70’s. One of the pioneers of the industry, Tony Vallinotti still rocks on. Along the way came the likes of Cosmo and Ski in the 80’s. The 90’s belonged to the likes of the late Cleto. By the turn of the century, the craft had improved so much. Vinyl was dead and the CDJ took over the club scene. The likes of Choto, McD, Robbie Rob,Easy B, Mr O controlled the late 90’s to the latter part of the 2000’s. Then came HouseJunkie who have been dominating the scene for the last three years. Low and behold when no one thought they could be dethroned, comes in a crew of youngsters who go by the acronym Groovy Souls. The crew is now the talk of the industry. Every show they do turns into huge crowds!

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