Monnamogolo saw the following comment about Botswana music by Zeus on his Facebook page and thought all musicians who read this column should see it. “I think its all about quality, no offence to anybody but some of our local music does not adhere to any quality checks. From the production to writing, delivery, recording, mix and master, then eventually performance all these things have to be checked for quality all the time for us to reach international standards. Other things like artist image, relations with media and marketers also have to be worked on so that we are packaged right and become products that are commercially viable. The catch is all this costs money, where is the money to step up an artists quality going to come from? To present the kind of product me and my team do is more costly than people imagine! To shoot videos like Champagne Music, engineer your album at studio like Jazzworx and perform with good sound and a rocking band does not come cheap! We should pose this question of capital investment in our music industry to ourselves as well as all industry stakeholders (unions, radio and TV stations, Ministry of trade and industry, arts and culture, companies and brands, promoters, LIVE musicians and you the audience) its in all our interests to improve quality and export international caliber artists from here, so we should all play our part in making sure we improve the situation not exploit it, because to get to this point certain players have robbed others of value in the chain which creates a viscious cycle of sacrificing quality to save a buck and destroying Botswana music and the infant industry.



Big Brother Africa 5 has become so boring for the non-eviction of housemates. Last weekend it was only saved by Mr O who rocked a nasty set between 10 and 11 pm on Saturday. That is a set that should get him a lot of sets around Africa and indeed the world. Big up Mr O. Meanwhile, South Africa’s Lorato became the latest Big Brother 5 housemate to be “non-evicted” and promptly sent to the barn last Sunday. I am interested to find out what this year’s show ratings are at the moment. The fact that this too was not a real eviction dampens the whole game. I had a peak of the show at a friend’s place and have to say my prediction of the barn becoming the most entertaining part of the show may well come true. I am also very interested to see how many people are voting. What are they voting for when housemates do not go home, Mxm?



“To Da Top”, the forthcoming second album by DJ Oats may well turn out to be one of the best house music CDs to come out of this country. He dropped “The Rebirth” some three years ago, which had huge sweet tunes like Barolong with Altitude Sounds. For reasons only known to Batswana why they never fully appreciate good work, that album never really reached heights it was supposed to. Wow, I have had the chance to listen to all the tunes on this new album, all blazing. Oats has turned to the current most popular “Ancestral” house style and done a very good job. The first single, Stronger, is absolutely banging. This album gets 9 stars out fo 10 from Monnamogolo. To get your album reviewed on this page call yours truly at 72842046!



Bullet Ketshabile continues to prove why he is regarded as one of the best traditional music producers with Batshweneng. He has recently teamed up with this trio to produce “Tsa Maloba”, an eight track album with delicious songs like Tsa Maloba, Kedibonye, Madume, Basadi, Borokgwe and Kgomo Tsame. Batshweneng which is comprised of T Morapedi, T Monnawapula and Bon Man will take you through a journey of real catchy tswana traditional music rhythms and melodies. Traditional music will never die if Bullet keeps on unearthing talent like this. This album gets 9 stars out fo 10 from Monnamogolo.



Hip hop lovers stand up! Dj Khenzo has hooked up with Fosta Juliano formerly known as Mr Doe to drop one of the hottest hip hop album for 2010, “DJ Khenzo Presents Fosta Juliano, the unmixed tape”. It’s very hard to pick a favourite song on an album that has production credits that read like the A-team. You can’t go wrong with the following: Heaven Sent Production, Andrew Steel, Earth, Berry Bone and Big Duke. All of them contributed hot tunes in this 10 track album. The album gets 9 stars out of 10 from Monnamogolo.

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yo cnt wait 4 fosta le khenzo big uppp

Overtaker takeover reka-trevO (hip hop/motswako)

My money is on Zeus, this young is gonna make it big, u can tell cos the young man is really competitive and Walk the Talk. He is talking bout Quality and hes been delivering from get go. Even Mr Scar acknowledge the young man regardless of the friction going on btw the two. I mean on the Diss track he recognize real, he just wanted to take heat of his chest.

Thats why I also rock to Scar tunes. Quality.



putra jaya

botswana music is going dwn da drain.its so sad dat the artists end up in big debts.anyway keep tryin n gudluck

Lady P

ayobaness cnt wait 4 mr doe aka fosta juliano…he is finally cumng to malaysia
zeus is awesum,luv him to bitz…

Mc Zein

ma hat is off fo Zeus wa mrepa, i salute u nd ma knees r down fo u wena rude boy. keep up da good work nd continue showing others wot u made of niga. U ROCK

Rudeboy Spana

The borreng a ko le rona bare tswang ko tlase le nne le re lekeletsa go tsone di mix-tape tse tsa lona bogolo, ka di-recording deals go lebega di bonwa le ke ba ba sa itseng gore go opela go mmala o ntseng jang.


big ups to oats…!! can wait to hear ur upcuming album…

bulela ditswe

Zeus has alwys had the brains , big up m42


mr O kip rockn n Oats gudluk


Fosta Juliano’s album sleeve is cheesy though,no offence

Amandla Motswaiso

big up to maboy Oats…