Apollo Diablo: After so many years (and 7 top ten singles) I realize that Yarona Fm will NEVER play my music the same way they play Scar’s. I’m still here though… Thanks to all my fans that have made all this possible. One day your loyalty will be rewarded. Look out for Angels and Demons mix-tape ft Bishop, Eq, Cibil knight, a few more surprises… Watch this space.
Scar: Wow. Apollo Diablo: @ Scar… You must have yawned when readin this… You’re either part of the solution or the problem my ni**a… I got no qualms wit you but if you got one we can do the one two mic check thing… Facebook beef is for little girls.
Scar: Very rich.
Monnamogolo: Its on, can someone now beef with Fostajuliano and Sickbunch(sp)???



Lorato Rantao became the second My Star contestant to be disqualified from the competition. Two years ago another contestant was disqualified for indiscipline. Lorato was disqualified for coming late to the show. This follows an incident when Stephanie also turned up late a few weeks ago. After that incident, the My Star office warned all contestants that coming late will not be tolerated and that going forward anyone coming late would be disqualified. This disqualification has caused a storm since Lorata did not take it kindly.  Kgalalelo, Kedibonye and Galaletsang once again showed a great deal of potential!

MASSIES 5TH D Massie’s  5th D


Massie Hule, T-Joint’s producer is about to drop one of the hottest house albums this year. The brother who has been a producer, graphic designer, promoter and soon to be DJ as well, has been working on this album with the likes of Kenny Makhenzo, DJ bax, TCM and German Dollar for over a year now. The album is scheduled for online release this weekend and the CD release will come at yet an undisclosed date. Massie is very exited about this project, the first house project he has done in his career. He has before produced tracks for Cleo, Monnamogolo and Kenny Makhenzo. The intro of this album is bound to make a lot of noise…watch this space!


Dad’s Favourite producer(German Dollar n Dad)

Monnamogolo first saw German Dollar at a DJ Competition at Molapo Crossing Mall where he unluckily came third or fourth in a very strong field of young DJs. The name fascinated me just as well as his talent. The next time I heard that name was from TCM, The Crowd Mover, when I visited him at his studio to listen to the house remake of Maxwell’s “A Woman’s Worth”. It is at that time that I learnt that the young German Dollar was also a budding house producer. He teamed up with TCM to form the formidable Groove Cartel. They have produced tunes for DJ Trax, Mr Massie, Mr O, Monnamogolo and Thox.  The team is currently working on its debut album. His dad must be very proud of him!

The big lion and former lead singer of Dikakapa, Gong Master, has just released his latest album, Kgotla O Mone. The album, like his last two studio albums, was produced by magic fingers Robert Dargie, with the assistance of Mbaki Nleya. Gong Master wrote all the slamming tunes on this album. The tunes to look out for are Ranaka, Mogalammakapa, Lerole Tshaba and Mma Modisana. Known as the Best traditional choir maestro, Gong Master really shines in this album. He features Dr Vom on the tune Lerole. This album gets 8 out of 10 stars from Monnamogolo.
For your CD reviews contact yours truly at 72842046!

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ao lorato bathong..ga gona nako ya bokgarebe ko mystar. heedu


ijoo, wena Cougar o bitter waitse.mxcm, o ne o batla go bua o reng kante?

purta jaya

agg nna tota ga dibeef go ta re tena..le gone ka dipina tse di bosula mxwem.grow up n stop wateva shit u call beefs..

way 2 go massie hule,we hv been waiting.


waitse ke dumalana le wena tsawiwi tota cougar o ne o re o ipuisang,comment ya gago ya bora le gone le faele gore Lorato o rata bokgarebe so mathata a gago ke eng.mxcmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Lorato o ska wara nana,gape if ole lekgarebe lyk cougar a bua,b proud of it neh. bt nna kgang ya ga scar le dibeef tse tsa gagwe e ntsene.sims lyk o ipoka thata le ene scar o wa lona aah.cnt thy jst lt ths smal thng (wteva it is) go!!?
nako e ba e tshamikisan ba dibeff ke nako e nkonne ba dira dipina ka yone.


scar n diablo!…at first place guys lo a bora wth ur music,so stop making it worse wth this stupid beefs.


heela, kante is Scar beefing with everyone? he is probably going to yawn when he sees this…. FACT!! ZEUS WA ROCKA MR SCAR, @ Apollo Diablo, stop crying and start producing good music we can actually buy dude, ahhhhhh, we cant buy an album with only 2 nice songs out of a possible 20


Apollo Diablo is good…the reason why you idiotic pple dnt realise that is because his music doznt gt airplay.


nxa gatwe gud music? kae re e teng. ijakga… ke mang yo o tla letelelang go reetsa matlakala. Wena Cougar o bua nnete a lorato a suthe dilo tseo a re bontshe talente, gatwe ke eng ne?


gatwe ke eng mo go Lorato. Motsei le Cougar le bua bo bitterness fela waitse. dilo tse le di buang ke tsa batho ba lack confidence and self esteem. we should be happy for one another not puttin others down like bo Scar, hei batho ba tshoswa ke competition…

rati o sentse hela ka go tla late o no o tsile go win. yoo scar wa bora ka music wa gagwe


Tjoooooooooooooooooooooooo bo Scar le bone ba a lapisa kante gate go eng??Apollo le ene ako a release dilo tse di botoko mxaaaa ba setse ba re bora ka dikgang tse tsa bone.




lorato,red lips is not yo thing’koko ya setswana is the way gal!!! u cnt come late,its a competition gao bonya wa jewa mumy,kante leta ithuta nako len boLorato la lapisa aaaaa!hardy nxt tym.Apollo ako o bate tiro muzik is nt yo thin.scar oko otswe mo lerolen la dikatsana osena katse.


Java$ is rite bo Apollo should quit when there is still time. Batla tiro brotherman or else o tsile go raya bana ba gago o re o dirileng ka botshelo jwa gago?


ha ha;;;damn.. apollo tlogelang go ithuta dilo tse le sa di itseng, le itseng ka di beeff lona????? lea tena banna. tsamaya fela oye morakeg le ene scar oo borang o. wena lorato o dielwe ke seipone waba wa siiwa ke nako… dats competition seipone le make up ga se kake sa go chencha.




ahahahahahahahaahah………..hiiihihihihihihihihihihihihihiihih…………..huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu……..heish man!waitse kana i neva watch my star!so bananyana ba teng ba bampe so?or yo o ne a kobela bompe?


most of all ya fools you jst commenting caz u v gat resources if jst sit a shade ur big heads u will that hiphop and beef are like car and gas so wake up remeber the times of west vs east where do you come from?le gone do you fools understand Hiphop?it seems not SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME


Scar & Apollo u are trying to make money ka di beef tsa lona tse.ha go pala dirang jaaka Maxy,le leke bo Rock,rnb,pop,Gospel tsa bo Kirk Franklin or country music gongwe le ta bona sengwe..or change style sa lona in HipHop not dibeef.


My star ya bora ka gore batho ba teng gabana talent botlhe. Nxa gatwe Shaboo ene otswaka ka di comments tsedi borang


Scar ke seso n i hate him, he is an idiot.O ka se kgone Zeus mon, he’s been to places wena o bua makaykay hela mo radiong, i know u’ll get [email protected] mare ga o sepe hela.

bagaetsho cougar o jalase,the way ka faa a jalaseditseng lorato ka teng go supa gore cougar o setse a tshameka frisbee, and o a kgela jaaka motho yo o berekang mo drought a sa i nee sepe.


Scar, Franco and Vee have openned doors for pple in Bots now everyone thinks they are big. You guys are going to grow under this three pioneers of selling music in Bots. You still have to come up with something better than thier first albums to start talking.


Stop talking and write songs Zeus, u still have to do something better than Lebadi’s first album.Big up to you scar I like your song with Pro Kid & Culichana man u are good buddy.


big ups 2 mi man scar,ur better than ths smalboys mona ba seka bago tshosa ka dipuo….who can forget ur song ya mi people dude dat hit is a classic…ur songs a good scar…keep it up