Zimbabwean Joe Maseko is arguably one of the biggest but relatively unknown producers in the country. The man has been responsible for most of Culture Spears’s big hits. He will soon also take Molepolole born Kwaito artist, Skhiphane, to stardom too. The latter has just dropped a debut album, Kgotla O mone. With tunes like Balomona, Ba Kae, Matsogo Mo Phefong and Sedi Laka, Skhiphane could become the toast of Molepolole and indeed the Kwaito loving music lovers. The only thing that may work against him is the sleeve, which looks too old school. The album gets seven stars out of ten from Monnamogolo. To get your album reviewed on this page call 72842046!



Last year, Bonno Tatedi, who looked to be one of the best singers in My Star was eliminated at the top 4 stage. Many, however, were not so sympathetic with her because she had put a poor performance in the task songs. History repeated itself last Friday which may well go down in the history of popular talent show as the saddest and most controversial. Crowd favourite, Kedibonye, who also struggled with task songs was also eliminated. It does look like a trend that some of the best singers in the competition do not do well in task songs. Only Tebogo, who also struggled a lot with task songs, went on to win the competition. The irony of it all is that, My Star’s main objective is to not only see contestants excel at singing other artist’s songs but to also do well with task songs. So far, Kgalalelo, fits the mould of that elusive star more than anyone before her, but would she win the grand finale tonite?



Heaven Sent Production is growing a reputation of putting out real good hip hop tunes. The stable has produced for the likes of Apollo Diablo, Fostajuliano. Bally, the man behind the high flying crew of young producers is one of the most talented producers to emerge from Gaborone. He was the first artist/producer in the country to put out what he termed gospel hip hop. To date, he has two albums to his credit. His stable has also recently released Sliq Sta’s hot debut album. Now hot on the feet of that album, Heaven Sent Productions is releasing yet another hot album, HSP All Stars. This may well be the best album to come out of this stable. It is indeed an all-star album as it features all the producers and artists under this label. It gets an 8 out of ten stars from Monnamogolo. To get your album reviewed on this page call 72842046!



If you looking for swagg(kana ga tweng), look no further than Bk Proctor. The young man is far from reaching 30, but his production resume reads like a 50 year old producer/artist veteran. You name them, he has produced for all of them: Vee, Scar, Eugene Jackson, Kitso, T.H.A.B.O, Juju Boy, Touch, Dice, the list reads on and on. He already has two albums to his credit. And now ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for his third solo project, a double album of its own kind. This week, he dropped two singles from the album that are already blazing the airwaves. It is a very unique album in that, one disc is hip hop and the other Kwaito. The album gets 9 stars out of ten from Monnamogolo. It is that good folks, so get yourself a copy. To get your album reviewed on this page call 72842046!



Do these names ring a bell? Phenyo Moroka, Cathy Malejane, Paps, Nkamo, Petula Kuhlmann, Carlos, Desma Basson, Phenyo Motlhagodi, Mpho Laing, Kealeboga Dihutso and Monicah. They are all budding new radio stars. As of next week we will feature one of them each week so you can all meet them in person.

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ke itumelela the young producer , Bk , ke reeditse most of his work, talented BUT enough with the sampling , if we are going to go anywhere , are leseng go kopa ko moseja betsho , pls!!!!


sure let us stop copying…let use oir talent.. be creative motswana and you will win…


bathon kedibonye.