Zeus has Lover’s support

Mnet’s popular reality show, Big Brother is here. This year the show is amplified, with a new house and 26 housemates fighting for the US200 000. Batswana will be rallying behind Game ‘Zeus’ Bantsi and Peo Sebotho aka Miss P who are hoping to bring the greenback to our soils.

A lot happens in the house during the 90 days of the show, affairs are started and even continue after the show, friendships and enemies are made and so do sex partners. And some housemates start the affairs and get cozy despite being attached.

Will our representatives be tempted to go that route as was the case with the last female local housemate Tawana Lebani? Only time will tell
Meanwhile Voice Reporter Kabelo Dipholo spoke to Zeus’ girlfriend, Yarona Fm presenter Sesame Mosweu to find out about how she feels about her boyfriend exploits in the ongoing show.

KD: What was your reaction when he told you he wanted to take part in BBA?
Well his reasons were valid and this is a small sacrifice to a bigger plan and picture so I support him all the way.

KD: What do you believe are Zeus’s biggest qualities that will make him stand out from the rest of the pack?
He is intelligent, strategic, smart, charming, well spoken, educated, talkative, well mannered, grounded and refreshingly original- he is awesome!

KD: We have seen housemates in the past develop relationships, some which were continued outside the house. Is it possible that Zeus can go that route?
Sesame: No I don’t believe he will go that route.

KD: If he does, will you take it as part of the game or will he be a single rapper?
No I wouldn’t treat it as part of the game; he has never given me a reason to not trust him so I trust him. This is why I have never thought of him developing a relationship within the house. I haven’t really given thought to what I would do.

Miss P

KD: What are your views concerning his performance so far?
Sesame: Honestly I have been slacking in watching religiously, I watched the launch and a bit of day two but my schedule is hectic and demanding so I will only watch when I can. However I know him and I trust he is doing an amazing job in there, he always does his best.

KD: He did not make it a secret that he is doing this for his music career and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. How do you think he plans to do this, rapping onthe hidden cameras?
I think being with complete strangers, sharing your space with them every day, divorcing all forms of contact with the outside world is already a step in that direction. He will have time to break down his big goals into smaller goals with timelines and when he comes out, no one will anticipate what is next. The one thing that is not allowed in the house that I wonder how he will survive is writing, he writes a lot so I hope that will not be too hard for him to let go of for some time.

KD: Lastly; we have witnessed the country’s past representative K-One (Kaone Ramontshonyana) get involved in heated arguments with fellow housemates. How does Zeus react to such situations? Does he retreat or does he go for the kill?
That will depend, the idea is to choose our battles and not sweat the small stuff. But disrespect is no laughing matter, that will be addressed but he wouldn’t pop a vein over minor stuff.

More on BBA and Miss P next week

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I DO trust Zeus, her girlfriend should trust Zeus and of course Zeus is intelligent, smart, well grounded and refreshingly original. I say all this thing because apart from Shaney, Zeus s’music has always been good and very inspiring also displaying higher level of quality then other local music. you is the best!!!