Beware of police impersonators
WARNING: Mochudi Police Station Commander Olebile Sitale

Station Commander of Mochudi Police, Olebile Sitale, has urged the public to remain cautious and vigilant following last month’s robbery involving perpetrators dressed as members of police and armed forces.

The incident occurred in Mochudi’s Mosanta Ward on the 15th of July at approximately 23 00hrs when one Malebogo Molete returned to her house from work.

Upon arrival, she was accosted by three men dressed in Police uniforms and Army fatigues claiming to be law enforcement officers.

The men then demanded to search her house under the auspices of having received an anonymous tip off alleging that she and her boyfriend sold marijuana from the premises.

She duly obliged them but enlisted her neighbor, Boikanyo Rampatla, to witness what would prove later to be an illegal search.

After the search proved futile, the three men then demanded she take them to their vehicle as they had parked a fair distance from the property.

As they were about to embark the victim’s car, the man in army uniform attempted to snatch her bag but she managed to circumvent his advances – falling in the process.

The man then proceeded to assault her until she relinquished her grasp on the bag.

The trio are said to have fled the scene with airtime, cigarettes, a cell phone and cash valued at P7,437.

When probed on how the public should exercise caution, Station Commander Sitale commented;

“Everyone by law, has the right to request to see Police Identification which has the rank and service number of the officer. Every officer is also required to wear a visible name tag and if you feel that something is remiss, immediately call the police”

He also stated that the culprits in question had timed the attack perfectly as that day was the commencement of a joint operation between the Police and the BDF and so the presence of soldiers with police did not arouse suspicions.

The culprits are said to have worn sneakers instead of the customary police issued boots and the public should always be aware of such tell tale signs.

It is rumored that the suspects were armed with a rifle but Sitale was unable to confirm this as investigations were still ongoing. The trio remain at large.

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