Beware of civil war- analyst

Khama thinks this country is his business

Divisions within the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) have reached fever picth and Members of Parliament are now using the chance they are given to respond to the State of Nation Address (SONA) to show who they pay allegiance to between Khama and president Masisi.

There are two factions with one belonging to the Masisi while the other one belongs to former President Ian Khama.

The Khama faction is alleged to be threatening to overthrow both Masisi and the BDP Secretary General Mpho Balopi.

Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA sat down with the University of Botswana lecturer and political analyst, Leonard Sesa for an insight into what is really happening.

Sesa also touches on the consequences of such a development if left unabated.

Q. Let’s talk about BDP divisions. What could be the cause?

There are issues of a gentleman’s agreement where Masisi was told to appoint the former President’s brother, Tshekedi Khama as the Vice President but when he took over he appointed the person of his choice. He didn’t stop there; he went on to dismiss Khama’s ally, the former DISS boss Isaac Kgosi from his post as well as to redeploy some of Khama’s associates.

He was right to do so because he wanted the people he deemed capable of running the country to take over.

Whoever comes in even if it were to be tomorrow should be free to reshuffle cabinet and effect staff transfers too.

If all can support Masisisi, things would fall into place, he has his own style of doing things.

The problem is that there are some who are afraid that the corrupt practices that they engaged in would be exposed.

For example we hear that DISS has returned some of the money it took from the National Petroleum Fund.

Another cause is the former president wanting to somehow remain in power.

Why would Khama want to choose a VP for Masisi?

He was trying to find a way to stick to power.

It is shock to Khama to find himself without power having tasted power at an early age.

He thinks this country is where it is because of his father’s work but the truth is Sir Seretse Khama did not single handedly make this country what it is today.

It was a collective effort of leadership at the time. In South Africa the Mandelas are there but they are not trying to hang on to power.

Khama thinks that this country is their family business.

He was given a lot of power at a young age as a BDF second in command at the 24 years of age.

Masisi did outsmart Khama because as a former soldier he didn’t realise that Masisi had an independent mind.

He can’t believe and accept that he was outsmarted.

The other aspect is that soldiers don’t give up power easily, look no further than Lesotho.

Q. The issue has now reached parliament, why do you think the MPS are taking sides?

MPs are acting out of frustration.

Moiseraela Goya attended a meeting he was asked not to attend and last week it was Prince Maele coming out too.

Clearly you can see there is a big issue. Maele is aggrieved by the treatment he got because he was dropped from cabinet based on allegations.

But since he was dropped there has been no communication between him and HE and I think he decided to speak out.

He sees that there is no working relationship between them.

The other thing is the division between north and south; those from north are siding with Khama hiding under the Kgosikgolo tag.

So Khama will keep on going around in the north using the kgotla under the guise of being a Kgosikgolo.

He tried it in Mogoditshane and look at what happened to Tshepang Mabaila same as in Bobirwa, we never expected a re -run there but there it is because of Khama’s meddling.

Some of those MPs who are rallying behind Khama are likely to be suspended, a loophole will be found and they will be called for a hearing and eventually they will be slapped with suspension.

Q. If this doesn’t stop what is likely to happen?

I foresee a civil war, tribalism fuelled a lot of things in Nigeria and if we are not careful we are heading there.

It is up for the elders of Serowe and Moshupa to come up with strategies to unite the two.

We are likely to see families from the two villages shunning each other even when it comes to marriages.

The other people who can mediate are the heads of states that were close to the two; do not send Carter Morupisi because there would be fireworks.

There is need for an immediate intervention because we don’t know what they (Khama and Kgosi) are planning and Batswana are likely to suffer for things that they don’t know.

Q. Your last message?

I want Khama to remember his words when former President Ketumile Masire and Festus Mogae approached him complaining about his reshuffling and leadership style.

The two had to wait for two hours and when he finally arrived, he told them that their time was up and it was his time to run the country.

I just wish he can remember that and give HE a chance.

We will get used to his leadership style the same way we got used

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