My aunt once told me about “the B.E.Es” (Black Economic Empowers) and at the time I was a bit puzzled. She even mentioned some of the well-known B.E.Es, a lot in South Africa and surprisingly some in Botswana! The big dogs if you know what I mean. An interesting talk we had or rather the stories she told me about these B.E.E’s were interesting.

B.E.E cartoon by Zapiro

I am a loyal follower of soap operas including the South African traditional Muvhango, if I miss any one of them I get depressed for the whole day! Ok, so I am your typical girly girl who sits in front of the T.V for like four hours watching soap after soap, but I bet you there are thousands others who do the same. Anyhow, that’s a story for another day. So while I was watching this soap opera of mine, one of the characters mentioned a B.E.E, then I remembered what my aunt had told me. You see I thought she had made up the whole B.E.E thing, so when I heard this on Muvhango, I then knew that it is indeed an international thing.

I recently visited my sister in Maun to unwind, get a bit of fresh air and just get away from the busyness of Gabs. Just like any other town in the country, Maun has its fair share of B.E.E’s and I got a chance to see them and well meet one of them. Rather undesirable meetings that is, let’s just say I told the certain B.E.E exactly where to get off!
For some of you who do not know what a B.E.E is, don’t you despair, I’m more than glad to educate you. Now a B.E.E is a person who is an African and successful, get it? They are economically empowered as they are successful and therefore they boast our African economy. They again, most of the time empower fellow Africans by creating employment and of course the main reason for my writing this article, they do empower a certain group of people… young ladies.
Oh No, don’t get it twisted, young ladies are not empowered by the job creation, well, they do work but not your ordinary work. Anyhow, basically, these B.E.E’s are used as ATM’s and they do know their purpose very well.

Now because of greediness and selfishness that we possess as young people we have paved way for these B.E.ES’s to take advantage of us. The more materialistic we become, the more re ba segelang ka fa leforeng and the most paining thing is that in this world of ours, there’s no free lunch. It’s a give and take situation, they provide finances, glamour and nice time and the girls give it up!
I’m sure we all know of a certain Motswana B.E.E that was rumored to have had affairs with young girls in South Africa and well, impregnated one of them.
Now these girls received money and other material things in exchange for you know what. Well, it’s sad that this certain B.E.E is no longer with us, may his soul rest in peace. Now you see my aunt told me a story about one B.E.E who had won a tender to do some major project.
Now this guy flashed his money in front of a naive girl and even gave her his ATM card to draw money knowing that after the girl draws the money, a mini statement will of course follow. Obviously the girl got excited by the digits she saw on the statement, she had won the jack pot she thought! Oh yea she had won, she had won a luxurious ticket to her grave!

Now young people don’t get caught up in the excitement of the two minutes luxurious life you’ll get when getting a B.E.E. It’s a pretty exciting life I must admit, I mean every girl wants to roll with a black berry and rock the newest fashion mare ke eng ladies, you don’t need a man to get
you those. All you need to do is well, the obvious, work hard and stay focused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a guy buying her girl an expensive item, I mean if it’s purely out of love then there’s nothing wrong with it. However if it’s in a give and take situation, then it’s wrong. Beware of the B.E.E’s ladies, stay clear of those!
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