Beware of girls who frequent bars
Beware of girls who frequent bars

Recently, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was at Molapo Sports Bar in Morwa when he overheard a conversation amongst three men, about how some girls who like hanging out in bars can be dangerous.

MAN IN CENTRE CHIEFS JERSEY: Guys where do we go from here, the bar will be closing soon?

MAN IN BLACK JACKET: I guess B6 Nightclub is the best place. We could find some good looking ladies there.

MAN IN NIKE CAP: I hate the idea of having to look for ladies at a bar, or nightclub. When I go out at night, it’s only to drink and nothing else.

MAN IN BLACK JACKET: Girls and booze go hand-in-hand.

There’s no way you can drink booze where there are no ladies, unless if something is wrong, or you’re scared of them.

MAN IN NIKE CAP: Girls that usually hang around in drinking spots expect men to buy them beer and they can milk you dry.

At least if it’s the mother of your child, she’d leave some change for you so you can by the child a pair of new shoes.


MAN IN CENTRE CHIEFS JERSEY: You need to be clever when dealing with them.

My neighbor once took a lady from the bar home while his wife was away.

The following morning he went to the shops and left the woman home, only for her to steal his daughter’s laptop and hid it in a bush nearby.

He had a tough time explaining how it went missing. It nearly cost him his marriage.

MAN IN BLACK JACKET: I once went with a certain lady to her place.

Luckily, I was aware that she’d search men and steal their money when they fall asleep.

When we got to her place I asked to go to the toilet but instead went outside to hide my money under a rock.

As she saw me out the following morning, I took my money under the rock right in front of her eyes to show her how stupid she was.


The conversation ends as the bar attendant announces that its time up.

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