Berry's following her heart

Popular poet turned performer Berry Heart is calling quits on her music career to explore her ‘spiritual being’.

Speaking exclusively to Voice Entertainment this week, the artist born Kootshepile Motseonageng revealed she is hard at work putting the final touches to her latest – and final – album, ‘Kgolo’.

Berry Heart expects the nine-track offering to be ready for release by the beginning of October and, despite being just 30 years old, confirmed it will mark the end of her involvement in the industry, at least for the foreseeable future.

“I decided to name the album ‘Kgolo’ which when loosely translated means ‘Growth’. Kgolo resonated with my life both on a personal and professional basis.

“In the album I have used about five languages which I am familiar with, that is: French, Setswana, English, Sekgalagadi and German,” said the artist whose maiden album ‘Kenya’ was nominated for six Botswana Musicians Awards (BOMU) in 2016.

Explaining her decision to call a seemingly premature end to a blossoming career, the ‘Dipalametse’ hit-maker said, “I have grown spiritually.

“I have learned to be closer to God and have decided to hang up the mic as I explore my spiritual being. Maybe I will at some point come back to the studio but it will purely be for God’s work.”

Famous for her candid comments and no-nonsense nature, Berry Heart is in no doubt of her next move.

“I have decided to focus my energies on Evangelism. No I will not be opening a church anytime soon, well unless the powers of Kofi direct me to!”

Asked what she meant by ‘the powers of Kofi’, the often controversial figure – who rocked up at The Voice’s Gaborone offices this Monday looking like a rockstar from the US, clad in an all nude number, with bright blond hair and dark shades (she did not remove her shades throughout the interview) – replied knowingly, “It is no secret that I am now able to heal people. But that is a topic for another day.”

Wait. Heal? How?

“I am now closer to God, and with God in your life you have a third eye – I am now able to see things ordinary humans can’t. I am sometimes able to see things before they happen! But like I say, that it a topic for another day!” ended the bubbly bilingual singer, who speaks confidently and articulately but ultimately left this puzzled reporter with more questions than answers!

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