Berry Heart

After the wide spread excitement, the invite was personally delivered by Berry Heart and ATI to a chosen few.

An under plate covered in aromatic petals with a hand written card giving specifics of Berryheart’s upcoming single; Berry Heart for Dinner, the listening session hosted at the popular up market joint, Cigar Lounge in the Phakalane suburb.

Whether one attended to satisfy their curiosity or simply join in the fun of a Thursday evening in the city, Berry Heart’s listening session did not disappoint.

Clad in a sexy maroon IZAURA lace gown by Mothusi Lesolle, the lady of the moment radiated and looked every inch a star.

Lesolle explained that the dress design was meant to capture two specific elements which were, Berry Heart the artist and give a hint of the new single. “Berry is fearless and not afraid to push boundaries. I wanted to design a dress that would reflect her beauty and the single’s message hence the use of lace and addition of a slit to the dress,” he said.

The popular designer went on to share that the dress was not to be provocative but rather give a depiction of the artist’s versatility and class.

Many agreed that the lady of the moment looked exquisite and it was obvious to all that she and the team had gone the extra mile to create a sophisticated and laid back atmosphere where guests could listen to the single and swap notes.

The dress code for the evening, Black and gold was adhered to by those who attended the session to give their support.

It also meant one could not miss Berryheart and ATI in their matching ensemble.

ATI complemented Berryheart’s the maroon lace dress by wearing a maroon suit paired with a chunky scarf adding to the musiacian’s personal style.

Make- up guru Diamond, had given the artist a clean, subtle look that oozed elegance. “Berry has a beautiful face and being bald means she can pull off the simple uncomplicated look. It wins all the time.”

Diamond went for a gold eye with a bit of smoky effect and nude lip to complement her revealing dress.

Guests were treated to canapés and some wine and the treats didn’t end there as both artists autographed the Berry for Dinner single for guests to enjoy at the leisure.

There was also an opportunity to take pictures with everyone against sponsor’s backdrops.

Truly it was an enjoyable evening and best of all the, the track (Berry Heart for Dinner) is catchy and enjoyable.

The arrangement of the song was given attention and the delivery is superb.

A great dance tune many will be singing to well till festive season. (Story and Photos By Tshepo Maphanyane)

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