beMOBILE has pledged to donate half a million Pula to Basarwa for preservation of their culture.

The announcement was made by the Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) Chief Executive officer Paul Taylor at the beMOBILE 5th year anniversary celebrations in Gaborone last week Friday.

Taylor said the money will be donated to the Kuru Family of Organisations.

“At BTCL we believe in two old, but very pertinent adages. Firstly we believe that there’s unity in diversity and secondly that “blessed is the hand that giveth,” said Taylor.

The mobile company, which is a subsidiary of BTC, saw its revenue growing to P342 million last year, just a year after the appointment of Taylor as CEO.

He said the revenue made a contribution of 20% to those of BTC.

“The profit that we generate contributes to the development of the local economy.

In the past two years, BTC has paid over P 100 million in dividends to government.

The dividend builds schools, roads and enables government to offer other, much needed services, such as the provision of health-care,” he said.

Thanking the employees of both beMOBILE and BTC for the growth of the mobile company, Taylor said, “Each and every one of you is deserving of recognition.

Without you and your contributions our company and most notably beMOBILE, we would not have achieved the many milestones being celebrated today.”

Meanwhile, less than two months ago, beMOBILE donated P100, 000 to charities in Palapye-Serowe area.

Taylor said they do these donations as a way of extending a helping hand to communities and ploughing profits back to the local people.


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