Every person on the planet with some mental capacity has the power to create a positive change in their lifestyle.

I don’t care if you are 20 years old or ninety, paraplegic, disabled or live with a life threatening disease. Don’t make this apparent negative your story!

I am doing this NOW so why not get on the program with me and contribute to forming healthy habits in our community?

To those of you who don’t want to join a gym or can’t afford a personal trainer, but still want to change to healthier eating and exercise habits,  here are some tips I use to help me get closer to my goals and to stay on track:

Train Tough- Make sure you are feeling your workouts and recording the intensity levels on a scale of 1-10. Go for the level 10 two days out of three!

Be Regular- Stay in integrity-(honor and be true to your goals and motivators), by being on time and SHOWING UP.

Downsize Your Cup- Fruit juice, alcohol, soda, and hot chocolate are all calorie packed beverages that can mess up your weight loss plans very fast. Reduce consumption by changing the size of your cups (smaller not bigger) and only treat yourself with these items once or twice a week.

Smaller Plate- Bigger Meal – Choose to eat out of a smaller dinner plate/bowl and it will seem you are eating more while you are satisfied with less.

Hide the Leftovers- Hide the rest of the meal away that didn’t fit onto your plate so you are not tempted to go back for more.

A Glass a Day…Water is essential to keeping the doctor at bay! Make sure you drink a large glass of water before and after each meal to fill you up and take the edge off your hunger cravings.

Thea Khama in action

Stick with Tight Jeans- Wearing form fitting clothes when you go out to dinner will help you to be less tempted to overeat.

Sit down- Sit when you are eating a cheat food snack. You will be more conscious of what you are putting in your system and will probably remember to record it into your food diary.

Party On-  Don’t become a recluse just because you are eating sensibly! Eat an approved meal and drink ice water before you go to a party so you are less likely to binge when you get there.

Add Fiber- Add fiber to all your big carb loading meals and you will eat less and fill up quicker, sneaking nutrient rich content into your meal at the same time!

Hideaway- Store all your unhealthy snacks (like candies and cakes) in closed containers and keep your healthier choices in clear ones.

Above all, believe in your ability to make a healthy choice and a healthy change. You are worth it no matter what you tell yourself or anyone else says.   If I can do it with 2 slipped disks and a full and busy life, then so can you! I lost 2 kilograms this first week and have increased my flexibility exponentially. I kept the same body fat % which was demoralizing, but I am sure I will force it to drop soon.

Measurement improvements:

Bum: from 120cm to 116.5cm

Waist: from 98cm to 95cm

Hips:  from 112-109mm – I must be doing something right!

New signups for “Challenge Your Body for Charity with Thea” are rolling in at Energym. Entries for the Competition will be open from the 15th of August through the 15th September 2011. Find out more: Tel: 3161502 or go to Thea’s Blog at www.energym.co.bw/blog  for her daily updates, news, and inspiration.

Thea’s Stats:

  Last week This week Projected Goal
Body Weight 89.4 87.4kg 72kg
Body Fat % 43.5% 43.5% 20%
Resting Heart Rate 67 58 48
Blood Pressure:      
Systolic 120 125 110-115
Diastolic 82 82 75

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JUST A REMINDER TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS… THERE IS A SAYING WHICH SAYZ,” BEAT URSELF B4 LYF BEATS U”. JUZ TEL UR SON THAT,” We ol hv 24hrz a dy n wat we do with doz 24hrz determines wat we get out of them n remember wen u work smart with ur time your time wil reward u smartly, n do not tolerate excuses or else u will remain a nobody all ur life. Be counted among the hero’s wu changed, transformed n shook the generation, be a world changer, a trail blazer n an emancipator. Leave a… Read more »