YOUNG & SUCCESSFUL: Tshepang Motsisi

My beautiful people, I’m back with a bang and just like I promised this is the new bigger and better youth column with a face lift. To kick off the year I visited the red offices of Yarona fm and had a chat with young and energetic Tshepang T-izzy  Motsisi, 21 and got the low down on the guys’ exciting career. Check it out!

Tshepang, you’ve achieved a lot that most people your age can only dream of achieving. How did you get to where you are now?
Well, I don’t know if I’ve achieved a lot  but yea, after my form five exams I applied everywhere for a job even to be a waiter  but I couldn’t get one. It was only until I worked as a receptionist next to Yarona fm when I asked to be a radio presenter. I started radio mid 2007 and my first show was called La caliente special which means hotness in Spanish. Really it all began with radio, I started getting capital and the rest followed.

People know you as T-izzy a.k.a hotness, how did this name/brand come about?

The name hotness just came up, yep it just came up. I used to rap at school ha!ha!ha! at Baobab with my friends and the name T-izzy came up. The T is from Tshepang and “Izzy” from Motsisi.

What inspired you to come up with your own clothing label?
I love fashion, I love looking good, I love people to look good. The clothing line is a piece of me.

So would you say that the clothing line represents you and it portrays your character?

Umm not really it just shows my love for fashion .

Your radio career recently hit rocket high with you moving from weekend slots to a daytime weekday slot.  Congratulations by the way would you say this is the highlight of your career?

It’s not the highlight, it’s just the beginning. I haven’t reached there yet.  I’ve just started ‘’Djing’’as well hey so more is to come.

Mhh.. Djing? So what you gonna call yourself, DJ Hotness?

No, the T-izzy brand just grows, I’m going to stick to that.

What are your intentions with radio?
I don’t know if I should be saying this but I don’t see myself on air beyond 25 years. I really don’t know where it will all end, I just don’t know.

How do you handle school and all that you do, doesn’t your school performance suffer?

It’s about time management but again one way or the other one thing has to suffer. When I have exams my show suffers because I go on study leave. Again my social life is cut down, time spent with family and friends is reduced.

How do you deal with the pressures of society expectations as a role model to other youth?

I’m just myself, it’s always easy when you’re yourself. When you’re fake it gets hard, I just live my life and be myself.

Any last words to those who look up to you?

Be the best you can be. A lot of people want to do a lot of things but ba a inyatsa (they look down on themselves). Just be the best you can be.

That’s it?
That’s it.
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