Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL) is experiencing acute shortage of beer.

Bar outlets and bottle stores have in the past 8 months experienced low volumes of beer from their supplier.

Beer shortage from KBL is caused by the ongoing water rationing imposed by Water Utilities Corporation (WUC), it has emerged.

KBL supplies the local market with brands like Black Label, Hansa, Lion, Castle Lager, Castle Lite, Core Cider, St Louis Lager and St Louis Export amongst others but it has come to light that of recent the breweries has been struggling to supply retailers with beer, especially the most consumed Black Label brand.

Insiders at KBL say that local retailers have now resorted to importing beer from neighbouring South Africa.

The most affected bars are those in rural areas where beer consumption is usually higher.

In a recent media tour of the KBL plant, Technical Director David Grant explained how water shortage has adversely affected their production.

He also explained that the restrictions imposed by WUC to use minimal water because of the water Crisis are being followed closely.

When asked for a comment KBL’s Corporate Communications Manager, Mokoro Ketshitile said he could not quantify the amount of beer shortage experienced by the retailers.

“The correct answer is with the technical staff. I will get back to you,” he promised but never did.

Retailers interviewed said that KBL was unable to meet their demands but are also failing to provide them with sufficient answers. T

hey said a clear explanation of when the situation will normalise has been sought from KBL management but no answer has been offered so far.

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