Beer binge, jealousy, fight and death! This sums up the tragic tale of what happened to a  Ditladi village couple last week Saturday.

And now police in Tonota have arrested the boyfriend to the 32-year-old woman who was killed in the bar brawl in connection with her murder.

Names of both the deceased and the suspect are still withheld by the police as investigations into the matter were  at their preliminary stages.

Confirming the incident, Superintended Rabson Maleka of Tonota Police said that the incident occurred around 10pm on Saturday at a drinking spot.

The suspect allegedly used a sharp object to stab the woman to death.

Meanwhile an eyewitness has alleged that the suspect flew into uncontrollable anger after one of his drinking pals touched his girlfriend’s buttocks.

“In a fit of rage, the suspect dragged his lover to a nearby bush where he stabbed her to death using a three-star okapi knife,” said another patron who witnessed the incident.

The postmortem was expected to be conducted yesterday (Thursday) with the suspect scheduled to appear in court on Monday, Maleka has said.

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