Beauty on wheels
ENTREPRENUER: Phemelo Kebuseofe

Born and bred in Kanye, 27- year -old Phemelo Kebuseofe came to Gaborone to pursue her degree in Business Administration at the University of Botswana.

However when she was crowned Miss UB during her first year, the young woman found her calling and her passion for the beauty industry.

“I knew then that my studies and my passion would continuously collide, and the launch of Mobi Sparty is testament to my drive to being an entrepreneur and my contribution to providing a solution to the increased unemployment statistics we are grappling with,” she says.

Mobi Sparty is a mobile spa operating from the capital city providing a unique service where clients are pampered with an array of treatments in the comfort of places of their choice.

“We go to clients homes, offices and offer packages for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and showers. We live such busy lives and it is often a challenge to get around to doing all we need to. This is where our services come in handy.” Kebuseofe explains.

The bubbly Kebuseofe goes on to say; “Taking care of oneself and being well groomed will never go out of style. At Mobi Sparty we make it easier for many to juggle their schedules including the important monthly grooming routine. The mobile spa is convenient and hassle free to set up.”

Initially Mobi Sparty concentrated on busy moms who wanted to look their best and career professionals who spent more time at work and did not have time to relax and unwind. However pamper sessions are not exclusively for women, and the spa gets bookings from men as well.

Currently Mobi Sparty employs four therapists and freelancers depending on demand.

Excitedly, Kebuseofe shares the agreement they have with other well established beauty entities. “We allow for trainee therapists to intern with us and whilst this arrangement exposes the trainees to the market, it also allows us to pitch for additional business.”

Beauty on wheels
SERENE: Mobi Sparty set-up

Mobi Sparty offers an array of speciality treatments that include; massages -deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, facials – anti-ageing, deep cleansing, waxing, manicure and pedicures.

To run her business, Kebuseofe has a small office where the planning and administrative tasks are done, that is managing appointments and finances as well as renewing licenses and ordering products used during appointments.

“Our offering is focused on what we believe the modern-day woman and man needs and should have access to 24 /7. We want to enable our clients to live their best lives. Our clients book 24hr prior, since we must get everything we are going to need ready for the next day, if it’s a massage we must prepare the robes, towels and oil (Scented or Non- scented) depending on client’s preference a revitol skin brightening cream might be used. 15 Minutes is needed for Setup at the client’s convenient location,” she explains.

Kebuseofe hastens to add that their prices are competitive.

“As a relatively new business, our aim is to appeal to a wider market and we are mindful of the fact that it is not only the working class that access our business but we also have quite a sizeable pool of learners that are interested in our services hence the need to offer rates that are affordable. We also make use of digital media platforms to engage with clients”.

Though happy with the growth of the business, Kebuseofe is not shy to share the challenges she has been confronted with.

“Startup capital/Self Funding entirely delayed the growth process because we couldn’t get everything we needed at once. We focused on the most popular treatments that gave us more money and had to almost abandon other treatments. Another factor was time. We have often had to contend with clients who do not honor agreed times; especially event bookings. This leaves us no option but to space up appointments by at least an hour to be able to get to the next appointment on time”.

She is however hopeful that the business will grow and expand into franchises to reach all corners of the country.

Kebuseofe admits the winter season can slowdown business although the irony of it is that it is also the season that is harsh to the skin.

“During the coldest months of the year, we experience trans epidermal water loss, which can leave your skin dry and itchy.”

This is one of the many reasons why you must take extra skin care precaution and book treatments during this winter.

Facials are a must and so are other treatments like massages because most people stay indoors exercising less and eating more so booking a massage during this season can really help boost one’s immune system and allow the body some rest and absorption of the benefits of the treatment.”

“Families can take advantage and book treatments to spend quality time together,” she says with a giggle.

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