By definition the word beauty refers to a characteristic of a person which gives the perception of pleasure or enjoyment.


Unfortunately this definition is often used to refer only to the physical aspects of a person when there are actually infinite ways that we can reflect in this description.
Many Children grow up feeling ugly and unwanted especially when they mix with other “physically beautiful” looking friends and always wished they were like them.

But they can overcome this by developing aspects of “MY CHARACTER” this basically means exploring their talents and learning to evoke pleasure and joy in them and in other people by making them feel good and beautiful about themselves.  By doing so they become a more compassionate person.

In most cases the “Ugly looking” teenagers have to contend with numerous rejection of boys in case of a girl and vice- versa based purely on the perception of  not being  “hot ” or physically beautiful/handsome  looking.  But by examining deeper into oneself and appreciating oneself you can begin to see typical beauty as a trivial extra like rims on a car or polish on a shoe.

It is just a fun added extra.Being confident, kind, having integrity, hardworking, loyal are some of the qualities of lasting beauty which necessarily you don’t have to be born with.  What teens should learn is to be in control of their life and can choose to develop a beautiful character which can even outshine the striking physical beauty.

They can create a new heritage of inner beauty, be kind to themselves and enjoy their own body.
Teens should also learn some little basic things to do every day that can change a great deal in appreciating themselves and also being appreciated by others.  Some of those basics are:
Attitude: Be courteous to others by using simple words like “please may I” when you want something, “sorry” when you are wrong and thank you to appreciate.

Freshness:  Bathing everyday and applying a perfume or a roll on and putting on clean set of clothing gives you confidence.  Make sure the clothes are well fitting and properly ironed. Brush your teeth every day, and shave the unnecessary hairs. Keep the nails short and clean and do not forget to moisturize the lips  and tidy up the eye blows.
Posture:  sit with your head high and back straight.  If you find it difficult practice by placing a book on top of your head every time you sit down.  You can also practice this when walking.  This will make you walk straight and focused.

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yah these girl o montle a mme o rutegile kana beauty without brains.


she must be careful with her boobs they will soon fall to the ground.


Dont worry my mates,beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Beauty is in the Heart!! Outer Beauty is nothing !!