Common perception dictates that winter limits people’s fashion sense, with outfits chosen for comfort and warmth rather than style.

However, Goitseone Tshimologo, one of Francistown’s finest young designers, has just the thing to keep the winter blues away this season.

For the last four years the 29-year-old Mogapi native has created quite a stir with her daring, hand-sewn, culturally inspired designs.

Now, for the first time in her flourishing career, Tshimologo has released a new range of winter clothing, which the bubbly designer declared will give people different options over the chilly months.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment on her new collection of coats, the African Royalties Fashions founder explained the range would be similar to her previous work in terms of flair, colour and design.

“The major difference with the winter range is the warmer layers that have been included to keep away the cold,” revealed the vibrant designer, dressed immaculately in an all black ensemble that is in stark contrast to her bright personality.

“These coats are not just coats, you can either wear them with your leggings, jeans, skirts or you can wear them like a dress. It gives that wide range of options,” she continued.

When asked if she found it difficult creating something different for the first time, Tshimologo hesitated for a second before replying with a smile, “No, it was fun and interesting!”

Surprisingly, the vibrant designer admitted to getting much of her inspiration from Chinese clothing.

“I buy most of my clothes from Chinese shops. Most of these clothes are stylish, beautiful and people love them. So what I do in my designs is bring that pop and incorporate in with the right fabric to bring that glamorous vibe,” she said, adding that the outfit she was currently wearing was brought from a Chinese shop.

In a previous interview with Voice Entertainment, Tshimologo expressed her desire to supply retailers and shops in the Francistown area.

It seems that ambition has now changed, as the ambitious businesswoman revealed she intends to open her own boutique.

Although the talented star is torn between opening the store in Palapye or Francistown, she is sure it ‘will offer a wide range of variety’.

“I am still learning the ropes on how to make bags from scratch so that we can offer bags, shoes, clothing and other accessories you can think of.”

However, the boutique will not cater for men as Tshimologo says male clothing does not give her ‘room for creativity’.

“You cannot go wild with men’s clothing. I understand women better because I am also a woman – with women’s clothing you have the freedom to blend fabrics and colours!” concluded the designer with a chuckle.

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