Beaten for aborting
Sentsho & Rakhudu

Man assaults girlfriend for having an abortion – She denies being pregnant

A 33-year-old youth who thought he was about to become a father confessed to assaulting his girlfriend after she allegedly aborted their child.

Despite admitting to attacking Ketshepile Sentsho, 26, when he appeared before Mogoditshane Customary Court this week, Tiiso Rakhudu insisted he was innocent

“I plead not guilty. I assaulted her because she was pregnant and she had an abortion,” reasoned Rakhudu before later changing his plea and instructing court to continue with the case.

According to the evidence given by Sentsho, during the evening of 4th April 2018, the couple were driving to Kopong when Rakhudu stopped the car abruptly and ordered her to get out.

“He then pulled me by the legs and assaulted me with his fists, breaking my teeth. I took the car keys and hid them on the grass so that he could not go anywhere. I then phoned the police officers who took me to the hospital,” testified Sentsho, her slightly swollen mouth a testament to the beating she suffered.

In an interview with The Voice, Sentsho, who is an unemployed mother-of-three, denied having an abortion and claimed she was never even pregnant in the first place.

“I just lied to him that I was pregnant to test if he really loves me,” she said, pointing out that she was not financially stable enough to support a fourth child at the moment.

For his part, Rakhudu told this publication his relationship with Sentsho was seven months old.

He stated that Sentsho first told him she was pregnant in early September last year when their love affair was just starting.

“I can confirm she was pregnant as she did some tests and showed me her clinical card, which also proved her pregnancy. Her tummy was big and later I was shocked to find her with a flat tummy!” exclaimed a visibly upset Rakhudu.

“She told me she had a miscarriage,” he added angrily.

During mitigation Rakhudu begged not to be sent to jail, claiming to be the sole carer for his younger siblings and their livestock.

However, whilst he escaped prison, the girlfriend-beater was himself subjected to a thrashing when Chief Alfred Dihutso sentenced him to five strokes of the cane.