BOTSWANA STUDENT Network and Pristine online magazine hosted a three day conference bringing together young women and men to commemorate International Women’s Day.

With thousands of events celebrating International Women’s Day, Gifted Hand Project, Botswana Student Network and Pristine online magazine collaborated to bring the first ever Young Women Empowerment Conference (YWEC 2014).

This event gave the young women and men an opportunity to interact with inspiring individuals.

The three day event full of motivational and inspirational talks, idea sharing and networking was held at the University of Botswana last weekend under the theme “Beacons pioneering social change”.

The attendees who applied to participate were young people, mainly women and a few men, from different walks of life and interests.

The diverse audience created a platform for everyone to share their experiences.

The speakers for the weekend included; Amakura Erbynn, KBL’s Premium Beer Marketing Manager, Ndaba Gaolathe the Vice president of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Wanetsha Mosinyi Communication and Branding expert, Dr Ava Avalos HIV expert, Ulla Bella, Business Development Manager at BanABC, Lorato Moalosi-Sakufiwa from Kagisano Women’s Shelter, Bogolo Kenewendo from Molaya Kgosi and Lorato Mokone the Global Shapers Gaborone curator.


They imparted their expertise, advice and empowered the participants on discussion about empowered and united families, social media as a catalyst for leadership, personal branding, business development, youth and self- empowerment, sex education and more.

“The idea was to bring speakers and special guests whom the participants can relate to.

“Listening to these speakers gave some direction and light on where to start in their causes of serving their communities as we would like to see more youth giving back to our very own, anyhow, hence our theme,” said YWEC coordinator, Sedilame Ntshingane The highlight of the weekend was when the young women and men at the conferences got the chance to listen to some words of wisdom from Dr. Gaositwe Chiepe.

The young people seized that moment to chat to her and found out how she became a woman of firsts, especially after watching the Molaya Kgosi’s HER STORY documentary that featured Dr. Chiepe talking about her career journey.

Dr Chiepe was the first female member of Parliament and first femal Minister.

“Girls don’t let boys think they can be better than you, boys don’t let girls be better than you.

Let it be fair competition,” she said to the cheering of the audience.

PARTICIPANTS: Youth had an opportunity to interact with each other and come up with ideas of how to contribute to the development of Botswana
PARTICIPANTS: Youth had an opportunity to interact with each other and
come up with ideas of how to contribute to the development of Botswana

The very interactive participants were forth coming with sharing their thoughts and possible ideas on what actions need to be taken by a Motswana youth to ensure a better Botswana – socially and economically.

They engaged in a discussion on market solutions to diversify Botswana’s economy, which saw multitudes of ideas on how Botswana can explore the current sectors, venture into different sectors and import both services and products.

This conference also provided a platform where the attending youth shared what they are currently doing and what they aspire to do business and community based projects.

This enabled possibilities such as potential project collaborators, advisors for starting projects, volunteer personal development opportunities, and even potential employment opportunities.

The event was sponsored by Department of Gender Affairs, De Beers Group, Wealth Magazine and Kebo Beauty Spa.

The organizing committee intends to make this an annual event and is hoping potential and interested sponsors will see value in this initiative that is intended at building and empowering young Batswana, especially women.