Its Christmas time again and as usual the excitement is going through everyone’s mind. I am already feeling festive and have a list ready for Santa clause.

My number one wish is to totally start the year debt free!  Yes! It is very much possible if you remain focussed and collected. You see, the biggest blunder we make is, getting overly excited about the end of year bonus and money in general. I have no idea how to cure this myself.  Being overly excited over money is not attractive at all. By clicking here you can get debt advice and help.

The reason why people continue to live in debt is simply because we get excited when we land ourselves a little bit of money.  We ‘forget’ to make payment plans that make us debt free.  Given a list of must do things before Xmas, it can be quite tricky to stay focussed and disciplined.

The first thing I would encourage anyone to do it’s to pay off small annoying debts which can easily get you into trouble.

The major problem is that, these small debts can easily get forgotten but like ghosts from the past they have a way of showing up. One day you want to apply for a loan to go for a kidney transplant and you simply cannot be extended credit by any Bank because you are black listed for non payment of P2000 by these retail shops. Can u imagine?

Now these are the debts that a lot of us simply just genuinely forget or brush aside because they seem insignificant or whatever the excuse is!  But small debts are not worth it because they easily accumulate and can distort, even destroy your credit rating.

Debt can be an addiction. Therefore, we must start paying attention to this disease. It takes years for some people to realise they are headed for trouble. Firstly, it starts with denial of the actual problem and like any other psychological problem there has to be a lot of soul searching for any positive change to happen.

So whatever you do before buying Xmas presents please do make sure you give a little attention to your current finances.Bad things happen to good people all the time, but do not let silly debts be your downfall.

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