As Gaborone quits BNF to rejoin his original party
The ruling Botswana Democratic Party is all smiles following the coming back home of South East North MP Olebile Gaborone who has been with the opposition Botswana National Front since 2002.
He left BDP in that year after a fallout with the government when he was pushed out of Botswana Telecommunications Corporation.
“The BDP recognizes (Honourable) Gaborone’s contribution to nation building while in opposition and is delighted that he will add value and galvanize the BDP programmes. His illustrious career as a public servant and a politician speaks volumes,’’ said BDP’s executive secretary, Batlang Serema in a statement on Wednesday.
Gaborone, who is the former president of BNF left the party citing lack of transparency and disregard of the constitution by allowing current president Duma Boko, who was widely considered a newcomer into the party to stand for the highest office.
When former BNF president, Otsweletse Moupo’s presidential term came to an end, Gaborone ran for the office but withdrew his candidature at the eleventh hour following threats of violence at the party’s congress in Mochudi.
Since then there has been wide speculation about his stay at the BNF and it has since come to an end as he has gone back to his original party, a move gladly welcomed by the ruling party.

HAPPY: Serema

“The BDP and all its members welcome Rre Gaborone. Tsholetsa Domkraga! We urge all BDP members to converge in Mahalapye on November 13 and welcome Gaborone and many other new members.
“We continue to urge all serious, Batswana who want to see this country reach greater heights of development to join the BDP and spread the message of the party, which simply put is to improve the life of Batswana,’’ said Serema.
Meanwhile Gaborone’s defection now means that BNF MPs in parliament are five, the same number with the Botswana Congress Party (BCP). This leaves the Botswana Movement for Democracy( BMD) as the leading opposition in the august house with six MPs five of whom were elected under the ruling party ticket.

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go batiwa maemo fela fa…dijo…

Daddy Bling

political judas………..

T4 Monts

mare BNF yne ya palelwa..each n every year e nna e nale mathata


my president, KHAMA, KHAMA, KHAMA; recruite them. Domi is a force to rekon with…. more especially under the leadership of khama . who thought gaborone can fall under domi before. it has happened. the mastermind behind this is my president, KHAMA….. long life long life…… VIVA MR PRESIDENT VIVA.. BA BA GO KGALANG I CAN SAY TO THEM ‘ntsa e bogola poo’

Chris M

Well, the implications of this move are massive for the oppositions parties! This man was the vice president of BNF and he was there through BNF’s troubles of recent years, trying to hold it together till Boko and his team came out of nowhere and essentially brushed him aside unceremoniously, in some cases effectively treating him with scorn! By doing that BNF managed to sow the seeds for real serious internal problems that will haunt and hurt them later! This and the curious games played by Makgalemele and Masimolole in going to have a peek into BMD and, on realising… Read more »


They must pay attention to the kind of language they use in freedom squares. Arrogance and lack of respect for elders puts voters off from the opposition. These days they have befriended the private media to try discredit the people who are working hard for this nation. I tell you , the people of botswana are now aware of that and very soon the maket for these papers will go down. People will lose trust in these papers because instead of informing the nation they advocate for misleading the nation.The people of this country are now aware of that.As for… Read more »

king L

Chris M and eagle le kwadile di essay waitse, ah…nna re itsapa go bala


Kante lona ma DOMI, ke eng le sa reye Rre Gaborone a tlogele setilo sa gagwe pele a le joina? Kana o se winile ka ticket ya BNF (in some pple simplistic reasoning), and in your logic and HE’s thats what should happen. Kgotsa it should be so when you are not benefiting? That is plain HYPOCRISY

And please pple, opposition parties are different and cannot be labeled with the same brush. Its funny how some of the alleged lies by the opposition become the truth!


tutu, kafa go ntseng teng molao wa botswana o letla go tlola koi ka ditalama tsa batlhophi. but the remaining truth is that nna ke le motlhophi e rile ha ke emelela kwa lapeng ka tsatsi la ditlhopho ke ya go tlhopha phathi ya bolebelebe ke ne ke gogwa ke sengwe. go lebega batho ba ba tlolaganyang melolwane ka ditalama tsa batho ba, ba sa rekegele maikutlo a batlhophi.the only thing that can protect voters is the law put in place I am a democrat(domi)and I respect the decision of voters not ditshwetso tsa bo ntuane. ke bogodu se ba… Read more »


eagle, tota o palame nnete. b4 fa motho a bata go togela phathi ke eng a sa ye ko bathophing pele, gore a ba thalosetse, e seng go thaga legora a tsena mo phathing e sele…………. jaaka ke le mo domi ga ke rate maitshwaro a baemedi ba ba tshamekang ka dithata tsa bathophi………


@ eagle. ga ke ganetse gore molao o ntse jalo. se ke se buwang ke gore, fa bo ntuane ba tlola, la re ba utswile talama tsa lona, ba ka bo ba tlogetswe setilo sa bopalamente pele ba fuduga. Selo se builwe ke Rre Khama le madomi a mangwe. jaanong based on that principle, why dont you ask Rre Gaborone to resign as an MP, coz based on your reasoning he will be stealing the BNF votes! This will go a long way in proving that you pratice what you preach and are indeed principled. Can we also stop the… Read more »


sorry, the other sentnce whould read “thye ondly didnt believe in the BDP candidate”

bottomline wee, o raya a ya ko batlhophing bafe go ba bolela? A o tswhanetse go bitsa ba phathi ya gagwe fela kgotsa batlhopi kakaretso mo kgaolong ya gagwe? My point is, if you believe someone can deliver, does it really matter much gore ke wa phathi efe?

Chris M

Apparently Ma-Motsomi is going to table a bill to stop MP’s crossing the floor with seats in the future! This should have happened a long time ago! It’s just wrong to do that whichever way you look at it! Increasingly,many Batswana, especially the idependent voters, are loyal to the nation and solutions to national challenges, not parties or politicians! Only a small proportions of voters who vote for a politician are members of that politician’s party, so the majority vote on the basis of the policies or promises politicians make, not out of loyalty to the party or politician! Usually… Read more »


@ ChrisM, u have raised some good points there mate, especially on how people vote. Mme kana Mma Motsumi is tabling a motion that was tabled in 98/99. I am not sure whether it was by the BNF or BDP. Just because the BDP were not affected at the time they opposed it. Now that they are at the wrong end of the stick they table the same motion. This is disgusting. It shows that these politicians dont give a hoot about us. On constitutional review, it should be done based on merit. If someone is doing it for self… Read more »

Chris M

Well,Tutu, if anyone opposes this, it will be daft! Politics should never be approached with the immaturity we often see in this country! Political rivalry should never be animosity! Such that what is done by rivals is readily opposed just for the hell of it even if it is good and makes sense! That’s why all we hear is constant negativity, never positive stuff about the other! Don’t know how people can enjoy life living like that! Do they know that life is way too short to spend on unhelpful, divisive crap? Well, we will see!

Chris M

When it comes to the issue of automatic succession, I lot is being made about it but it is serving a lot of democracies well around the world! Look at Brazil as the latest example! I’m sure that Botswana will ultimately find the best solution to it! Our democracy is continuing to mature and at some point, the president will be elected directly by people too! What amazes me is for Khama to be singled out for attack about this as if it started with him! He has not changed anything that has been followed in this country! Dialogue on… Read more »