BDP intensify Francistown south campaign

Jojo Lucas and Maoto team up to topple Mmolotsi

The Botswana Democratic Party is on a spirited mission to wrestle the Francistown South Constituency away from opposition stranglehold. The constituency is currently under Alliance for Progressives (AP) Vice President Wynter Mmolotsi.

BDP has fielded a political novice Modiri Jojo Lucas who vanquished former area Member of Parliament Khumongwana Maoto in the bruising Bulelwa Ditswe primaries.

Perhaps shocked by his loss to a rookie, Maoto initially rejected the results and appealed to the electoral board.

He has however since teamed up with the young Lucas as his campaign manager, and together they are turning up the heat in one of the most unpredictable constituencies in the second capital.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice on Wednesday Lucas said they have upped the ante and are luring back members who left the party following the formation of Botswana Movement for Democracy in 2010.

“I’m so lucky to have such a seasoned politician as my campaign manager. His wisdom has been invaluable so far,” Lucas said about Maoto.

“Our members are coming back and this has given us hope that we’ll reclaim our constituency,” said Lucas.

He further revealed that they have so far registered over 200 new members from opposition parties.

“We are taking this party back to its people, we want constituents to own their party. That is why we have invited veterans and everyone for the upcoming mass star rally to be graced by the BDP Chairman and Vice President Slumber Tsogwane,” he said.

Lucas said the star rally scheduled for December, 15th, will be a rare opportunity for Francistown South residents to share a moment with a high profile government official.

He said they have engaged Julius Bolokwe (former Botswana National Productivity Centre) to coordinate the rally and facilitate the VP’s visit.

“We recently had a meeting with party members and they pledged whatever they have to help make this mass star rally a huge success. This shows that people are taking ownership of the party, they don’t leave it to the parliamentary candidate to plan everything,” he said.

Lucas further told The Voice that The Francistown Region Chairman, Moemedi Medupi has also been instrumental in the revival of the party in the constituency.

“Its through his contribution that constituents will now have a rare moment with the country’s Vice President. This constituency has never had such a high profile visit in a long time, no minister, no Permanent Secretary has ever come here, but that will soon change,” Lucas said.

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