BDP councillor survives gunshot

A Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor for Lotlhakane East, Patrick Mosimanegape is living in fear after and unidentified man shot at his car this past Friday.

Narrating his harrowing experience in a walk-in interview, the visibly shaken councillor said he had just left Gabane on his way to Kanye with two passengers when someone from a white van fired at him and sped away.

“There was a bit of traffic at the time and I was concentrating on the road when I suddenly heard a loud bang before my car lost control, almost crashing onto the side of the road. When I finally managed to bring the car to a halt, I noticed a white car that had stopped at the other side of the road speeding off.”

The councilor said that at first him and the passengers thought they had had a trye burst but realised to their shock that a bullet had hit them when they got out to assess the damage.

BDP councillor survives gunshot
Alleged bullet hole

“We did not stop at the nearest police station in Thamaga but proceeded to report the incident to Sejelo police in Kanye instead and the officers went to examine the car,” he said.

Asked if he had enemies that wanted him dead, the BDP councilor said, “honestly I do not know, but in this day and age you can never know. I walk around town now not knowing if I am a target or not.”

Reached for a comment the Sejelo Police Station Commander, Sello Ntwaagae confirmed the incident.

The police boss however said that the report the police received stated that the councilor and his passengers did not know exactly what happened because they did not see who was in the car in the white car from which the bullet was fired.

“We are yet to get a detailed account from him, he said he is coming to our offices today (Wednesday),” said Ntwaagae

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