Girls at the BDF house

•    Girls occupy army house
•    Exchange sex for food
Fifteen enterprising young women have set up base at the Sir Seretse Khama Barracks in Mogoditshane to peddle sex for food from a vacant house they have illegally occupied.
The girls whose ages range between 16 and 23 identified the niche market to sell sex to soldiers as far back as early last year when a few of them moved into the vacant house.
An army officer who did not want to be named for fear of victimisation said many of the girls were children of former soldiers whose parents were retired.
“The problem started with one girl whose father was a senior officer who decided to occupy the vacant house when her father left the army. She was once investigated for a criminal offence and released after her father was instructed to remove her from the camp. She returned a few days later and invited others to come and stay and the rest as they say is history,” said the concerned soldier.

Another soldier interviewed said the young women had become popular, especially among the unmarried soldiers. “Members of the Military Police once raided the place , which has since been named Malotwane after the Culture Spears song which pays tribute to beautiful girls from the village of that same name. The girls were chased out but they soon returned,” he said
Several soldiers who were quizzed on the sex for food allegations said that it was no secret that the girls were openly using the house for a sex market that mainly involved soldiers but also included civilians, especially at mid-month when they became aggressive in plying their trade.
“Their normal routine is such that after we have given them breakfast in the morning they leave camp only to return in the evening tipsy and ready to do business. Otherwise they can spend time just sitting outside the house and chatting waiting for customers.
“We have nicknamed one of them 177, because of her dark complexion similar to the shade of the beret worn by soldiers from unit 177,” said the soldier who spoke on condition of anonymity.
A walk around Malotwane revealed the filthy condition of the house in which the girls live, with broken glass from the smashed windows strewn all over the grubby floor interspersed with stacks of dirty laundry.

One of the girls, who only identified herself as Matshediso, claimed she just visited at weekends because her parents were too strict to allow her to go there during weekdays.
“I come here because I know soldiers will supply me with everything I need. I don’t have a permanent boyfriend in the camp, so why shouldn’t I be free to do as I wish?
“It is not only us from the outside who use these facilities, even those girls whose parents are still living in the camp come here too because the facility is free. So why do you follow me alone?” She demanded to know before cutting the conversation.
Another woman Tshepang, who at 23 is the oldest in the group, argued that she wouldn’t know how to survive anywhere else apart from the BDF camp where her father, a former soldier worked, lived and raised her.
“Even if they were to forcibly evict us from this house we would have to find boyfriends to lean on right here inside the BDF camp. We are going nowhere,” she boasted. In an interview the Directorate of Protocol and Public Affairs, Colonel Paul Sharp said he was not aware of the situation, but promised to investigate.

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someting somewhere somehow is wrong..guys


I guess there is nothing wrong here,all they want is to run their business near the camp,Soldiers are loyal customers,bana ba ikabile ka di Unit tlhe batho


Ba reka kgomo ka dijo masole mme ga ba amogele sepe.basetsana bone fa e ka bo e le basimane ba ka bo ba bidiwa bo bashi. It’s high time masole ba ithekela dijo ba ithute responsibility.Ba ja makgetho a rona go sena ntwa.


@tipa11 Good point tipa11. Kante gone masole ba nnelang mo kampeng, le gone ke eng ba jesiwa gone ko ba nnang teng. All of us wear uniform, eg. doctors, nurses,and bankers, but no one feeds us, We all use our own money. Ke sone se o tla a bonang ba helela ba reka mapele a basadi jaana ka ga ba itse tiro ya madi. We need to cut down on expenses. Certainly feeding a strong army of soldiers is just wasteful. What do they do with their salaries? The commander in chief has to put an end to this madness.… Read more »


As long as the soldiers a not complaining it’s ok, ke mo go tweng bringing business to the people.. both married and unmarried soldiers enjoy ba tlogeleng,they were born in that camp n they wanna die there.


ijoo! ke mathata.. To the voice..wht is the BDF management side of the story? .. do they knw of the immoralities happening on camp. This is destroying the gud image of the institusion.. BDF should repair broken houses and give to staff to avoid unlawful uses..

Masole a le one gaana boikarabelo mo sechabeng..they a suppose to protect no destroy kids.. Bana ba teng le bone ga ba agega waitse..


Ba dirwa ke gore ga ba itse gore dijo di tura go le kae. Ke gone jaaka ba supa gore bone ga ba di tlhoke jaaka o bona fela ba di dirisa go reka basadi ka tsone jaana. O ipotse wena yo o dirang tiro gore fa e ne ele ngwana wa ga mmaago kana wa gago o ne o tla tseega jang. Bathong dilo tse dingwe di a ama waitse, GUYS TLOGELANG GO ABUSE BANA BAO, KANTE LONA BO SEKWATA LE YA GO GOLA LENG.

Batho ba itopela sera.gaba bate gothola ba alolanye le malwapa a batho.sera ke soe skwata camp.


The BDF management ntshang bana mo matlong le tlogele corruption, le gone fa le ga le itse re dumele go le kae gore managemant one le a o itse. Close the brothel, stop feeding big men, let them have responsibility with their money. We are fighting HIV/Aids sum are opening brothel. Correct your mess. Ke mathabisa dithong, If anything happens like dintwa, bana ba rona ba mo mathateng ka gore batho ba itirile magalanthwane mo baneng ba sa kgalemele. We need a good picture for our country, protect your country and start in that camp.


ija!jaanong wa bona go godisetsa bana mo kampeng gore ga go a siama go gongwe? hiie ha e le bo sekwata ke bosekwata go a go ileng ba thakanelo dikobo siesssssssssss.kana masole ba taa thabologa go tsile mang tota,fa ntwa e ka thaga ya go ba fithela ba le dikgoropa fela aah! dats why re ba tsaya less than……………the r irresponsible.mxm


lehatshe le a lwala waitse,ke gore banna ba ba tona motho o ipona hela a tsolela ngwana,bana ba teng le bone ga ba boi,eish


Bana ga ba kake ba tlhoka go ithekisa,ga gona ditiro,no vacancy everywhere.They are lot of form fives and college graduates who have been doing nothing for a while and the number keeps on increasing each year.To make the matter worse if you ask for a grand,they will ask if you own a piece of land,check them ba CEDA and all the staff.Let the kids do what is being done in other countries for survival(Gatwe gaborone magheba).To parents its your responsibility to work,being a provider,pillar for the family.O seka wa gasagasa bana naga e yotlhe,they will end up in these mess.I… Read more »


It is not clear who the parents are of the 16 year old – she should be either finishing school or starting college

As she is a problem like the rest of the pack they should be sent to an institution for problematic children

Have these children being kicked out of their parents homes because of their behaviour?


This House where these girls and other children should be shut down FOREVER because it looks like the children whose parents live in the campe come to this house and the ring leaders locked away


Whoever is abusing the 16 year old should be locked up


waitse golo mo Botswana go a itirelelwa,ntsehe ka ntlo e e le ya molao ke eng e sa tswalwe ka one molao oo,nyabese e ya emisiwa.Goromente o jewa hela jaana le penne ha babereki ba gagwe ba bantsi ba tlhoka maroko,bananyana ba tshameka diketo ka boroko,tja!


The parents if they are finding it difficult with these children need to find and organisation for some advice
Those who are doing this to these girls should be locked up and THROW THE KEY AWAY

Chris M

How does any parent rest easy, going to bed and getting on with life without knowing where their 16 year old is? They are leaving their kids to the mercy of this sick and unforgiving world only to pick the pieces when they bury them! Bizarre!


ijo, ele gore 16 years o feditse sekolo leng ene fa a setse a le mo kgwebong ya mmele? masole le bone ga ba tlhabologe tlhe ah banna!


aaggh bao,le motho a le 16 tota by the time ba reacha mid 20s ba tla bo ba e latswitse bololo bo sekwata le e tlhokomele le tla nyalwa ke mang?


i grew up ke nna mo kampeng le nna n that is how soldiers behave. ga se bo junior skwata hela even the senior officers are involved in these acts. o ka ipotsa gr why the management o sa tseye kgato coz definately they know about this.


dats y il never date a soldier,thy are (most of them) so irresponsible they behave lyk boarding students,ebile students are better coz santse ele bana..plz grw up..

van der kuku

the tendency of accomodating families of senior officers inthe camp must come to an end or else be encourage raise their kids ko lapen kana bogologolo go golela mo kampen e ne e le poko nt knowing one day u wil move out!!! are godisetse bana ko malapeng not mo di kampeng ekare re godisa refugees “bahaladi sis”!!!!


kante nowadays BDF camp is a feeding ranch, keeng bana le basadi ba sa ntshediwe ko ntle ka gore golo kafa go borai, fa re tlhaselwa go simololwa ka yone imagine how many people are living inside BDF camps in Botz, go na le dilo tse di borai mo teng ke gone fela gore go rekisiwe mmele ka dijo ka gore ba di tsaya mahala ko mmeseng ga ba di reke…. rona re reka dijo ra sokola bone ba di fa banyana


batho tlhe kuku e jelwa motlhofo ka dijo “sis”a matlhabisa ditlhong mo kampeng a molao o bereke.batho bao kana ke kare diphologolo tseo di a re tsuolola


waitse morobalo o sentse bana.dilo tsedi diragalang ko kampeng di a shimisa sis