NOT AMUSED: Saleshando

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) has decided not to comment on the recently leaked conversation between leaders of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) that went viral on social media.

BCP’s Secretary General, Phillip Monowe stated today that his party will for now not give any media interviews or discussions relating to the leaked exchanges emanating from a UDC NEC platform.”

Monowe further stated that, “we believe if the party has anything to say on this matter, it will do so through its representatives at properly constituted meetings of the UDC NEC (national executive council).

Monowe was responding to a request for an interview with his party leader, Dumelang Saleshando, who had uttered profanities to a fellow UDC leader, Sidney Pilane, of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) during a heated exchange through the social media closed group.

The said group is for UDC leaders made of members representing Botswana National Front (BNF), BCP, Botswana People’s Party (BPP) and BMD.

“This group may as well be disbanded. Your poison has killed what we tried to build for Batswana. I now understand why Batswana in their quite way mistrusted you and regard you a criminal,” Saleshando had outrageously responded to Pilane’s provocation.

Pilane had earlier suggested that BCP and BNF actively decampaigned BMD and helped the ruling Botswana Democratic Party to victory in the recent bye elections in Moshupa-Manyana constituency.

In response Pilane alleged that, “It won’t be long before o sekela (litigate) much worse than theft. What is worse, you will be convicted and go to prison.”

Although other leaders called for cease fire, Saleshando and Pilane kept venting out at each other.”Sir no one respects you. You stole a party with dogs in Bobonong. Just look yourself in the mirror, you are a criminal..The hired gun is too much. Let’s stop leaving a lie. Why do you think he has always been associated with DIS,”

With Pilane not backing down, Saleshando added that, “Pilane has provoked many of us on an ongoing basis. He continues to do so because he balances it with respect only for President (Duma Boko). From now on a fotseke (get lost)”.

A quick glimpse at the conversation paints an ugly picture of mistrust and betrayal within the UDC national council.

Pilane is viewed as a spoiler, in fact “a snake” who is working against opposition coalition’s movement; UDC, ahead of next year’s general elections.
“I will not be asking for anyone to vote for Pilane in Gaborone North and I am not going to retract this. I share no values with him. Pilane respects no one but Boko. We can’t be subjected to his raw abuse,” Saleshando added.

BNF’s publicity secretary, Justin Hunyepa even called for Pilane to step down if he was failing to lead BMD, “comrade Pilane, I am afraid you are in another strange world. You need an image consultant and a national spot survey just on yourself. We did our best to defend you and build a more positive image to help win 2019 general elections. Alternatively, just step aside and give other BMD cadres a chance to help rebrand BMD.”

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