BCP confident of claiming Rasesa ward
BY-ELECTION CONTENDER: Tshenolo Buisanyang

Two weeks ago we spoke to the Botswana Democratic Party’s Daniel Molokwe, who will be standing in Saturday’s Rasesa by-election.

This week, The Voice journalist Onneile Setlalekgosi caught up with the Botswana Congress Party’s representative for the ward’s vacant councillor position, Tshenolo Botho Buisanyang.

Inspired to join politics by politicians such as Kenneth Koma and Maitshwarelo Dabutha, this is the second time Buisanyang will try his luck for the councillor’s role.

However, despite being soundly beaten in the 2014 General Elections by the late Seasebeng Monyake, the BCP man is confident that this time around he will emerge victorious.

Q. Good day Sir, how is the campaign going?

So far so good, it has been a good one. I have been campaigning day and night.

I will be representing UDC.

Q. The council by-elections are this weekend – are you hoping to scoop the ward from the ruling BDP?

Obvious! From a while back, since 1994, the ward was under BNF ticket.

The opposition held the ward for almost a decade, until 2009, when it was won by an independent candidate who later defected to the BDP.

During the 2014 General Elections, Mma Monyake won the ward, still under BDP seat.

I can confidently say the ward belongs to opposition. It’s just that voters sympathised with her as she was a village elder.

She was a hardworking woman, who cared for the Rasesa community. May her soul rest in peace.

Q. I like your confidence Sir. So would you describe yourself as the best candidate for the vacant council position?

Surely – I have worked hard for Rasesa community. I even empowered football clubs within the ward, such as the Bagolwane Sunday soccer.

I feel I still want to bring more developments into the village.

I will not compare myself with Mma Monyake, she was an adult, and she was even older than my mother.

So I hope I will be able to continue where she left off.

Q. Talking about football, do you play?

I used to be a good goalkeeper while at secondary school, so I empowered Sunday soccer within the village.

It is mainly for exercising. I am even the chairperson for the village football club called Shining Star.

Q. What really makes you think you are going to win the ward?

The previous late candidate was an elder and a mother figure within the village, so people voted not to disappoint her.

The majority of those who voted were from opposition parties.

Q. How did your politics journey come about?

I first voted at the tender age of 18. Back then I voted BNF.

With time I changed and voted BCP. I am very loyal and I feel in a way I am a great leader.

Q. What do you have planned for the youth?

One of my plans is to resurrect the Rasesa Trust. I believe it can benefit Rasesa community and the youths.

There is a popular Air show event, it can be used to market many talents.

With the Trust there, I will propose that guesthouses be built by Matsieng footprint and all this will create jobs for the youths.

So, if I win the ward I will create jobs for the youths and develop village football pitches.

Q. What are your plans to alleviate the water shortage problems in the village?

Water is a challenge over the whole village. We have boreholes near Malotwane, and there is water that flows near the village from Masama reservoir.

I will arrange meetings with Village Development Committee (VDC) to brainstorm ways of availing water within the village.

Good luck with the by-elections Sir.


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