BCL mine in Selibe Phikwe has revealed that their bullish and ambitious strategies that they put in place to ensure that the mining company remains afloat are beginning to bear fruits.

Speaking during a press conference held after a media tour of the company last week
assistant manager William Osae said that in 2007 they launched a new
strategy called A RE CHENCHENG(loosely meaning let us change the way we
have been doing things) which was derived from the late folk singer
Ratsie Setlhako.
He said that they came up with the strategy after realising that the costs were running high while production was going down.

The assistant GM said that the strategy consisted of six themes that guide
their daily operations and in line with the sixth one of “to transform the
organization to a culture of high performance, employee engagement and
commitment and to align the various parts of the business to the BCL
corporate strategy”, the company adopted and implemented Mission Directed
Work Teams (MDWT).

The MDWT were introduced in October 2010 as a tool to monitor its performance against it business.

Osae said that since they introduced the strategy their production has
increased drastically and are able to meet their objective. He noted that
they have also managed to reduce the waste production from ore.

After A re Chencheng BCL came up with another strategy Polaris II which he
said is outward looking with aim the to diversify BCL from its current
operations to an enterprise of a wide range of businesses in resources and
chemical industry.

He said that the mine has extended its life span from 2013 to 2022 and the
aim is to turn Selibe Phikwe into an industrial city by opening a refinery.
“Once it is opened we will be able to have industries that work with copper
and nickel related products”

Osae said that they couldn’t do that in the past since their focus was to
explore, mine and smelt.

The assistant GM also informed the media personnel that BCL would in the near
future spread its wings to other areas outside Phikwe.

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