LAST DANCE: Katlego Lekwapa pictured just before the accident

Little more than an hour after this picture was taken, 21-year-old Katlego Lekwapa was involved in an accident that eventually claimed his life.

The promising Botswana College of Agriculture student was seriously injured in an apparent hit and run accident that has shocked family and friends who have called the incident suspicious.

Lekwapa died in the early hours of the morning in an accident near the Botswana College of Engineering Technology in Gaborone after attending a friend’s party on 26 November.

According to his uncle Motlamorago Molosiwa speaking at the funeral last week, Katlego boarded a taxi with his friends and along the way suddenly demanded to get out despite being some 10 kilometres from home. He was then hit by a passing car that ran over him.

Molosiwa, who is a police officer, said that investigations were still continuing into the circumstances surrounding the accident. Katlego went into comma from which he never recovered, eventually passing away on 9 December.

Shedding further light on the incident, the deputy Public Relations Officer at Botswana police, Dipheko Motube said that an argument started when Katlego tried to get out of the taxi. His friends attempted to prevent him, and it is said that he then started breaking the windows of the cab. He was suppose to be dropped off at Block 8 and his friends said that they thought it was risky for him to drop where he did at such a late hour.

Motube added that he then opened the door and ran out and his friends started chasing him, resulting in him being hit and dragged by a passing Mercedes Benz driven by a lady.  He said that the motorist did not stop.

LAID TO REST: Lekwapa’s remains

‘’Maybe she thought that they were criminals as it very late. The two friends called the police and we questioned and released them,’’ he said.

The police deputy mouthpiece urged anyone who might have seen the registration of the cab or even the driver to come forward and report to the police.

One of the friends who attended the party said that Katlego had been drinking heavily and was uncontrollable at the party.

The father of the deceased Austin Lekwapa collapsed at the news of his son’s death and was being treated at Riverside clinic and did not attend his son’s funeral.

Katlego’s death is the second to have rocked the Botswana College of Agriculture in the past few weeks after a 25-year-old student Gotsilemang Busang, committed suicide.

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ao!shem! dats bad news……R.I.P boy.


RIP boy. The results of binge drinking? It’s hurting


Lots of questions arise just from the info given here. It was late at night, a young man was hit by a moving vehicle which did not even stop. How does the reporter know it was a mercdes benz and that the driver was a lady? Did she scream? Especially that she did not stop, perhaps fearing to be mugged. No one knows the whereabouts of the cab or even the driver of the cab. So where did the police get the details about the argument and breaking of cab windows? We need more if we are to understand how… Read more »


ga se gore ke mohuta o mosha wa go ipolaya tota!

rati mots

now dat skul just re opened ur absence is greatly felt, REST IN PEACE MFE2….