BCP PRESIDENT: Dumelang Saleshando

The BBC World Service is holding a series of debates across the world. BBC World Questions allows the public to question politicians, leaders and opinion formers face to face.

The debates are led entirely by questions from the audience who are able to have their points heard around the world.

On September 17th, World Questions comes to Gaborone, Botswana for a vibrant debate in the heat of an election campaign to be held at Botswana Craft at 6pm.

In this October’s election, newly-united opposition groups are fielding a single candidate to stand against a president whose party has been in office for 53 years.

Worries about jobs, inequality, waste, corruption, and issues such as the country’s elephant population, and the decriminalisation of homosexuality give a sense of Botswana at a turning point – and both the opposition and the government are promising change.

MINISTER: Dorcas Makgato

The BBC’s Toyosi Ogunseye will be joined by a panel of leading politicians and thinkers, as well as an audience of the public in the country’s capital.

The debate will be led entirely by questions from the audience, who will also be asked their views on some of the major topics. A radio recording of the event will be broadcast internationally.

On the panel will be Dorcas Makgato MP, Minister of Transport and Communications for the Republic of Botswana, Spencer Mogapi, Deputy Editor of The Sunday Standard, Tumi Mbaakanyi, Businesswoman and former President of Women in Business Botswana and Dumelang Saleshando, Deputy President of Umbrella for Democratic Change.

This international series of events is created in partnership with the British Council worldwide.


  1. Someone should queston the on the illtreatment/xenophobia of refugees/migrants , Corruption on the continent . 100% they will not tell the truth

  2. including theft from state coffers and why are african leaders choosing to get treatment abroad rather than a local hospital ?

  3. Question them about the Role of SADC with Refugees, Migrants xenophobia
    Would not be surprised that there is corruption in the corridors of power at SADC